UK snow forecast: Britain to be smashed by brutal 8inch snow bomb in Atlantic blast freeze

Uk Weather: Parts of UK to wake up to -4C on Saturday

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Forecasts state there will be a return to a “balancing act” of weather, where low and high pressure systems over the UK bring split conditions. While the weekend is set to remain mostly settled, moving into the week pressure systems bring rain, winds and snow by next Friday.

According to maps from WXCharts, at around 6pm on Thursday, WXCharts holds a plume of rain from the Atlantic Ocean behind to push into the south west of Britain and over most of Ireland, with a maximum of 5mm an hour over Cornwall by midnight.

Overnight, temperatures drop to 0C, leading to the rain being pushed northeastwards to turn to snow in Belfast, north Wales and the south west of Scotland, with over 0.4 inches (1cm) an hour.

By midday on Friday, snow is expected to feature over a majority of the east and as far south as Birmingham, settling in the morning over Wales and the west of Scotland.

The heaviest snow at this time will feature over Stoke-in-Trent, with around 2.5 inches (6cm) falling an hour, while around 3.5 inches (9cm) falls near Fort William.

Snowfall continues throughout the day, weakening into the evening before clearing over the east coast by 6am, with a light snowfall over the mountainous areas of Scotland.

By midnight on Saturday, snow depth charts hold there will be just over one inch (3cm) of snow on the ground in Newcastle, around 2.5 inches (6cm) on the ground in Stoke-on-Trent, around 0.4 inches (1cm) near Watford and close to one inch (2cm) over the Lake District.

In Scotland however, a maximum of 21cm is recorded on the ground, equalling around 8 inches, while around 0.4 inches (1cm) is recorded in Edinburgh and just over three inches (8cm) is seen in Fort William.

Jo Farrow, forecaster, wrote for the agency’s website that after a “settled weekend”, there will be a return to split pressure in the UK.

She said: “A widespread frost for Monday. Then back to the balancing act.

“Potentially a feed of much colder air off the continent and an Atlantic system coming up against that by Thursday.

“Shifting a blocking high is notorious for delays or changes however there could be heavy rain and gales later next week and maybe snow.”

The Met Office long-range’s forecast predicts that up to the end of March, it is “likely another period of unsettled weather developing with Atlantic weather systems expected to move across the UK bringing spells of wet and windy weather interspersed by brief drier and brighter interludes”.

It continued: “At times, winds could be disruptive, although snow is likely to become shorter-lived through the second half of the month.

“Towards the end of the month a north-south split may develop with high pressure across the south with more changeable conditions likely in the north.

“Temperatures are expected to trend above average, although some brief colder interludes are still expected.”

WXCharts also holds that by midnight on Sunday the UK will be mostly dry, with intermittent rain spells below 1mm an hour striking parts of the coast and some areas in the south.

Both Sunday and Monday are expected to remain dry, as low pressure dominates over Britain and Ireland, but a chill enters from the start of the week.

By 9am on Monday, temperatures are set to be as low as -2C in parts of west Scotland, and range between -1C and 2C throughout the rest of the country.

Tuesday and Wednesday continue to see mostly dry conditions, with temperatures averaging at around 1C in the South and 0C in the north by midweek, before Thursday sees some unsettled conditions return.

The Met Office said in their outlook for the weekend: “Cloud and rain lingering in east England.

“Clearer spells elsewhere with a few showers in far north and far southwest. Cold in west and north with frost, particularly in northwest.

“Mostly cloudy southeastern and central parts with some rain, though perhaps brightening up in the southeast later. Elsewhere mostly dry with some sunshine.

“Early showers clearing southwest from England and Wales Sunday. Many areas then fine and dry through the period, with variable cloud.

“Rather cold by day, with frosts overnight.”

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