UK weather forecast: Bone-chilling -3C freeze strikes in bitter ice blast from north-east

UK weather: Widespread frost with sunny spells expected

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Maps and charts hold that the week ahead will see mostly settled conditions, with rainfall restricted to coastal areas and higher ground. However temperature maps hold that the UK is set to stay near-freezing for much of the week, ahead of a deeper plunge from Monday, January 17.

According to maps from WXCharts, conditions are set to stay clear in England and Wales through to Saturday, when some clouds push in over the weekend.

But temperatures are set to stay cold in much of Britain despite the sunnier weather, with midday on Thursday seeing 1C to 2C weather in England and Wales.

Despite some snow remaining on the ground, northern Scotland will see the warmest weather on Thursday, with temperatures of 6C north of Inverness.

The mercury is not set to drop further overnight, with Friday evening seeing lows of 5C.

By midday on Saturday, temperatures are set to drop further in the UK, with England and Wales seeing lows of -1C.

Sunday sees similar conditions, with lows of 5C in London, before overnight brings a chill down again to -1C.

In the week to come, a weather system from the north east of Europe brings high pressure and colder temperatures.

WXCharts maps see patches of snow along the north east of England on Wednesday.

Paul Michaelwaite, director, wrote high pressure will likely remain for much of January, meaning fairer weather.

He noted “the weather you have today is highly likely to be very similar to the weather you have tomorrow” due to the pressure system, meaning “England and Wales are best placed for sunshine, for the time being”.

He then added: “As we end the week and move into the weekend, cloud and fog are likely to be more widespread.

“So, sunshine by day will be at more of a premium, which in turn will keep more people in a cooler range of temperatures of 3-6C.”

Terry Scholey, forecaster, also said the UK will see “high pressure dominating and set for a long stay”.

He said on the website: “A frost is likely where skies remain clear, with the lowest temperatures in the range of -3 to +3C. But it’ll be milder across Highland and the far North, where the thermometer may not fall below 7 or 8C.

“Expect little change for the remainder of the week that’ll be mainly dry, with mist, patchy fog and night frost becoming more extensive central, southern and eastern parts.

“Colder here too and gloomy at times but with some sunshine occasionally. However, the mildest weather will continue to be reserved for the North, with the North and West of Scotland continuing to see a few showers.”

In the Met Office’s forecast from January 16 to January 25, they said: “Initially some brighter conditions to be seen once low cloud and patchy fog clear, before becoming increasingly less settled, particularly in the north, as frontal systems arrive from the Atlantic.

“Drier and more settled conditions persist for longer in the south with light winds and clear skies leading to overnight frost and fog, which may be slow to clear through the morning.

“Towards the middle of this period there remains a possibility that low pressure could move east, bringing strong winds and cold wintry showers to windward coasts.

“Temperatures are most likely to be slightly above average in the north whilst remaining near normal towards the south, with a low likelihood of a short-lived colder spell.”

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