UK weather forecast: ‘Severe’ WARNING as Storm Miguel’s THUNDEROUS downpours ravage nation

A yellow weather warning has been issued for Friday as Storm Miguel takes its toll on Britain. Heavy downpours and gusty winds are expected to batter the country as temperatures plummet. Flooding on the M4 and M5 have sparked travel chaos fears.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “Most of us will see some wet and windy weather over the next 48 hours but for many Friday morning promises some fine weather.

“For many Friday morning promises some fine weather yes a bit chilly across the north but there will be some sunshine around for the South.

“Outbreaks of rain trickle in a bit misty and murky to start the day across Shetland as well but elsewhere across Scotland much brighter starts.

“It is pretty cold out there first thing as it is for Northern Ireland northern England these are the temperatures in towns and cities and rural areas start the day well down into single figures.”

Thunderstorms are expected as a lot of rain will drop in a short space of time.

Flooding is likely to hit the M4 and the M5 during rush hour.

Mr Deakin added: “Not quite as cold further south because here we’ve got the cloud and the outbreaks of rain.

“A band of rain will slowly track its way northwards as we go through the day.

“Eastern England starting the day dry and bright but the winds will be picking up coming in from our rather chilly North Sea.

“The rain may persist for much of the day across parts of West Wales and the far southwest of England.

“This zone just to the south where we’re a bit concerned about the downpours that are likely to break out through Friday afternoon and into the evening.”

A lot of spray and surface water will also be on the roads.

Gusty strong winds will keep temperatures low throughout the weekend as patched of sunshine allow for a slight increase to the mid-teens.

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