UK weather – TUI plane lands SIDEWAYS at Bristol Airport after getting caught in Storm Callum's 77mph winds

The Boeing 757-200 aircraft was filmed ferociously swaying mid-air as it approached the tarmac on October 12.

In just over 60 tense seconds, the aircraft slows down its speed as the crosswinds appear to take control of the jet.

But the pilot managed to land it safely, pointing the jet's nose in the direction of the wind.

YouTube user MrAviationGuy who filmed the near miss explained: "Aircrafts need to compensate for the crosswind otherwise they will be blown off course.

"They do this by pointing their nose into the direction the wind is coming from, demonstrated perfectly by this crew.

"It is always fascinating to watch planes landing in strong crosswinds and it is fantastic to see such amazing skill by the pilots."

On this day, more than nine flights were diverted from the airport mid-air as Callum's wrath made conditions treacherous in Bristol.

As winds reached 77mph, six flights were tracked circling the airport, the Daily Star reported.

A spokesman from Bristol Airport said: "Nine inbound flights have been diverted to other airports this afternoon and two outbound flights cancelled as a result of strong winds."

Now Callum is causing travel chaos, with trains across the entire Transport for Wales Network subject to heavy delays and cancellations.

Commuters in Wales have been advised against travel today as the trailing weather front sends one last pulse of miserable weather across the country.

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