UK weather warnings as almost 3 INCHES of rain, gales and SNOW forecast this weekend – but it should be warmer next week

Eastern and Southeastern England have been warned to expect heavy rain and flooding on Sunday, with the Met Office issuing a yellow warning.

Meteorologists are forecasting downpours of up to 70mm in places accompanied by strong to gale force Northerly winds, while homes and businesses have been put on guard for risk of flooding.

Met Office spokesperson Nichola Maxey explained: “The weather front will see temperatures start dropping which could herald some frost.

“And then on Sunday there will be heavy winds and rains across much of the country. By Monday because of falling temperatures some of the rain could fall as snow over higher ground.”

The extreme weather could impact on the public transport network, with delays and cancellations expected to train and bus services.

Today, the wet and windy weather is expected to sweep from the South West up to southern parts of Yorkshire, with expected highs of only 15C.

Friday's forecast warned: "A cloudy start with some outbreaks of rain, but with some warmer, drier, and brighter spells around the middle of the day.

"However, locally heavy showers will return from the west through the afternoon."

And by Monday temperatures will drop far enough for snow to fall on high ground over the North and South Downs.

Saturday will see a slightly better day as there is a lull before the arrival of a new low pressure system from France, but you can still expect almost an inch of rain and 40 mph winds.

Happily the awful conditions aren’t set to linger with forecasters predicting the mercury could rise above average by the middle of the week.

This will be sparked by warm winds from eastern Europe.

Claire Kennedy Edwards, a Senior Meteorologist at from the Weather Company described conditions as "improving for most as the week progresses.

"Rain and showers becoming mainly confined to the North West with direw and warmer conditions over central and southern regions of the UK." Highs 1-2C above average are expected by Friday May 4.

However, it is highly unlikely that temperatures will scale the heights of the recent mini-heatwave.

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