UK weekend weather forecast: Chart shows 28C Britain BAKE before polar chill strikes

This weekend Britons can expect to enjoy scorching temperatures, long bouts of sunshine and light winds as the heatwave looks set to continue. Sunday is meant to be particularly warm, with temperatures nearing 30C across the whole of the UK – including northern Scotland.

QThe mercury continued to soar up to the high 20s on Friday, with Scotland seeing the best of the sizzling temperatures.

The north west highlands of Scotland were expected to see highs of 28C, while Wales, and the south east peaked at 25C.

The heatwave is set to continue into the weekend, with the Met Office predicting Sunday could be the hottest day of the year so far.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said the Scottish highlands can expect to see the mercury rise to 28C again on Saturday, with the south expecting similar temperatures of around 27C.

He said: “Look at Scotland, the north of Scotland by Friday and Saturday – 28C here especially around the Moray coast.

“That could be the warmest place in the whole of the country and certainly the warmest day of the year so far in Scotland.”

Mr McGivern added that the sunshine is set to last into Sunday.

He said: “By Sunday similar sorts of temperatures, widely 25-28C.”

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Nicola Maxey, also from the Met Office, agreed the warm, dry weather will continue into the weekend.

She said: “There is little in the way of rain on the forecast for the next few days.

“It’s going to be sunny and warm and temperatures are going to continue rising into the weekend with 28C expected by Friday.

“On Sunday, the last day of the month, we could even see the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures creep up.”

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But the BBC warn next Friday and into the weekend will be markedly different, with strong winds, cooler temperatures and rain forecast.

They wrote on Twitter: “Next Friday is likely to feel a LOT different to this one.

“It’s a while off still, but potentially… winds increased, temperatures drop and rain.”

WXCharts forecast a marked drop in temperature by the end of the week, with the mercury expected to reach just 14C in the south.

The north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland can expect even chiller temperatures, as the mercury struggles to break into the teens.

Mr McGivern explained the change in weather is due to cooler air arriving from the Atlantic.

He said: “There is increased uncertainty around the middle of next week for the timing of the change to cooler air… It looks likely that northern parts of the country will see a change to cooler more unsettled weather around the early part of next week.

“Southern parts of the country will get hotter for a time before then also starting this gradual change to cooler more unsettled weather with an increased chance of rain or showers.”

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