UK’s fattest man weighing 47 stone complains new diet infringes his human rights

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Britain's fattest man has complained that a new calorie-controlled diet designed to help him lose weight is infringing his human rights.

Forty-seven stone Jason Holton, 32, from Camberley, Surrey, came close to dying earlier this year on June 4 when he suffered a series of mini strokes at his home – where he has been housebound for seven years.

Medics managed to keep him alive despite him also suffering a suspected blood clot and it taking two hours to transport him to Frimley Park hospital in a specially-designed ambulance. The episode followed a scare back in October 2020 which took 30 fireman seven hours to airlift Jason by crane out of his third-floor flat with the help of structural engineers, after he had collapsed.

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Jason is now being cared for at a private nursing home outside of London at the NHS's expense, where he has been put on a restrictive diet to help him lose weight.

Previously, Jason would consume 10,000 calories daily and spend more than £10,000-a-year on takeaways, including eating doner kebabs for breakfast and three tubs of chicken chow mein for lunch, while guzzling litres of fizzy drinks.

He has now complained doctors are 'torturing' him with his new dietary regime, telling The Sun : "I am on a drink restriction and I keep trying to explain to them, 'I've got my human rights and I should be able to drink what I want to'. But I'm not allowed.

"I'm so down about it… I keep saying, 'Why can't you give me my drink back instead of making life difficult for me?'. I told them I'll call the police because I'm constantly dehydrated."

Jason's previous 10,000-calorie diet


Large doner kebab and chips (2,500 calories)

Pop tarts (200 calories each)


Three large chicken chow mein portions (2,500), prawn crackers (400) and prawn toast (300)

Pop tarts


Two cheese sandwiches (1,000)

Two chocolate bars (1,000)

Three packets of crisps (550)

1.5 litres of orange juice (800) and five cans of coke (700)

He added: "I knew I'd get really ill eventually, given my size, but I never expected it would happen to me now. It's terrifying."

Jason's mum, Leisa, 52, explained how her son suffered mental health problems five years ago which caused him to pile on weight, while revealing he has always struggled with his size.

"He always had a bit of an obesity problem. From when he was a child he was ok and not too bad," she told The Mail. "He's been housebound and unable to get out of the house. I'm hoping he'll change things and just keep to salads and not go for takeaway foods. He's already spoken about that. I hope this might wake him up."

She added: "Seeing him being lifted out of the flat was very worrying because they said he could actually stop breathing in the move. So I was just glad he was alright."

Jason had begun making progress, shifting five stone from his heaviest weight of 50 stone, but has now added two stone since December after continuing to consume too much food. Restrictions in his new diet have only been in place since August with carers now limiting his drink intake to 1.5 litres per day and confiscating any liquids which are in excess of that.

He is unable to work due to his weight and admitted to the Mail that he was concerned about his future amid his worrying health issues. Britain's previous fattest man, Matthew Crawford, died in June aged 37 at a weight of 55 stone.

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