Urban explorer’s heartbreaking find as box of kittens left in abandoned factory

An urban explorer has shared a heartbreaking video after finding a kindle of kittens left in a cardboard box inside an abandoned clothing factory.

The Urbex Muse shared the clip on Instagram, which showed the rotting interior of the abandoned factory, where sewing machines still remained on the dusty worktops.

Threads were still piled high on the shelves, with baby clothes hanging on the railings and boxes piled high with dirty material scraps and ribbons.

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For the most part, it seemed the place was just filled with items which were to be expected in a factory that was once used to make clothes.

But the explorer got more than they bargained for when they opened up a cardboard box to find five kittens hidden inside.

Thankfully, the animals were still alive as it appeared they had just recently been dumped there — but it's harrowing to think of what would have happened if they weren't found in time.

Telling the story in a clip, which has gained more than 11,000 likes, she wrote: "You'll never guess what we found while exploring this abandoned clothing factory… Kittens."

The clip broke the hearts of her followers who took to the comments, furious at whoever left them there.

One user said: "Omg please update on the kittens!"

Another wrote: "A rare exception to take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints."

However, other users pointed out that the kittens seemed well fed and groomed which must mean the cat's mother is around somewhere and urged the explorer to find the mum.

One user wrote: "Those kittens are well fed and clean. Please trap mom so she can care for them. Then get everyone fixed when kittens are weaned and old enough."

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Another added: "They look clean so momma must be around somewhere. If you can maybe try to look for her that would be amazing, you won’t have to do all the work with nursing them. Plus momma should get fixed. Such a beautiful find."

The Urbex Muse did confirm in the caption that she had managed to rescue the kindle, writing: "Yes we got them out."

But she added in the comments: "Mama is feral but we are planning to work with a local non-profit that specializes in TNR to catch her and stop the cycle of her having litter after litter."

Urbex Muse does not give out the locations of the buildings she explores to protect them from vandalism.


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