US coronavirus death toll nears 100,000 as reopening states suffer deadly surges – The Sun

THE coronavirus death toll is on the cusp of 100,000 in the US where some states are suffering coronavirus surges as they reopen.

Reports highlighted the lives lost this week as the country neared the grim milestone, with over 98,000 deaths and more than 1.6 million COVID-19 infections.

The front cover of the New York Times acknowledged the "incalculable loss" stemming from the deadly virus, featuring the names of thousands of people who died on American soil.

On Saturday, the Times noted that almost all of these fatalities occurred within a three-month period and amounted to 1,100 deaths per day.

The mounting death toll comes as Americans descended on beaches and parks over Memorial Day weekend, while President Trump called for all houses of worship to reopen and enjoyed a game of golf in Virginia.

The president tweeted that "cases, numbers and deaths are going down all over the Country" on Sunday, despite the overcrowding and increasing rates in parts of the country.

While thousands of people enjoyed the sunshine in states like Florida, South Carolina, Texas, California, and others, North Carolina and Arkansas saw major spikes in coronavirus cases.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services noted on Twitter that the state experienced its highest single-day surge in COVID cases on Saturday with over 1,000 new infections reported.

Likewise, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said the state was enduring a "second peak," partly due to ramped up testing.

White House Task Force member Deborah Birx noted that cases were also still high in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Nebraska and Illinois, reported CNN.

Officials in Texas are warning of a sudden surge in infections after thousands took to the streets of Austin to celebrate the public holiday on Saturday.

According to a grim new projection from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Policy Lab, Harris County could have 2,000 cases daily by June, which Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said they're "not equipped" to handle there.

During his Sunday press briefing, New York Governor Cuomo highlighted the Washington Post's May 22 article, which reported that 24 states may have an "uncontrolled growth" of the virus.

The report noted Florida and California's cases could surge to 1,000 per day by July without any mitigation efforts.

After a slew of revelers gathered at beaches in their thousands in The Sunshine State, overwhelmed trails in California, and resulted in deaths during a 1,000-person Memorial Day party in South Carolina on Saturday, Birx also issued a stark warning.

Speaking to FOX News' Chris Wallace today, she said: "We now have excellent scientific evidence of how far droplets go when we speak, or just simply talking to one another.

“We know it’s important for people to socially interact, but we also know it’s important that we have to have masks on if we’re less than six feet, and that we have to maintain that six feet of distance."

“We want you to be outside,” she said in relation to the possibility of a "super-spreader" on crowded US beaches, listing golfing, hiking and playing tennis with marked balls as safer options.

“But really within that is the absolute requirement that across the country we know that there is still virus out there," Birx said.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn also urged people to remain vigilant as  sun-worshippers flocked to the shoreline, cookouts ensued, and people drank on the streets over the Memorial Day weekend.

"With the country starting to open up this holiday weekend, I again remind everyone that the coronavirus is not yet contained," Hahn tweeted.

"It is up to every individual to protect themselves and their community. Social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks protect us all."


His weekend warning came the day before Trump is due to travel to Baltimore, a trip the city's mayor has advised against in the wake of the stay home orders there.

As officials urged Americans to wear a mask to mitigate the spread, Trump took to the golf course at his eponymous National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia without a face covering.

The president was spotted leaving the White House on Saturday to play a game of golf for the first time in 75 days.

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