US election latest: Donald Trump’s daughter attempts to ‘relate’ to jobless US graduates

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Tiffany Trump appealed to recent American graduates by saying she related to their struggles for finding jobs. She said: “Like so many students across the world, I graduated from law school during the pandemic.

“As a recent graduate, I can relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job.

“My father built a thriving economy once, and believe me, he will do it again.”

Ms Trump claimed that many Americans could be supporters of President Trump but do not realise it yet.

She said: “I urge you to make your judgment based on results and not rhetoric.

“We believe in equality of opportunity. We believe in freedom of thought and expression.

“We believe in school choice, because a child’s ZIP code in America should not determine their future.

“We believe in freedom of religion for all faiths. And we believe in the American spirit.

“If you are hearing these things and thinking to yourself, ‘That is the kind of country that I want to live in,’ well, whether you realise it or not, you are a Trump supporter.”

Ms Trump recently graduated from Georgetown University Law in Washington, DC.

Before that, she attended her father’s former school, the University of Pennsylvania.

She also spoke at the 2016 Republican convention where she described President Trump as an encouraging and supportive father.

Tiffany is Mr Trump’s only child with his second wife, Marla Maples.

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Ms Trump supported her father at the convention without throwing any ammunition towards the Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

But she did throw fire at tech and media giants during her speech.

She said: “My father is the only person to challenge the establishment, the entrenched bureaucracy, big pharma and media monopolies to ensure that Americans’ constitutional freedoms are upheld, and that justice and truth prevail.

“People must recognise that our thoughts, opinions and even the choice of who we vote for are being manipulated and invisibly coerced by the media and tech giants.

“If you tune into the media, you get one biased opinion or another.

“And if what you share does not fit into the narrative they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a lie, regardless of the truth.

“This manipulation of what information we receive impedes our freedoms.”

Ms Trump added that the fake news system mentally enslaves Americans.

She said: “Rather than allowing Americans the right to form our own beliefs, this misinformation system keeps people mentally enslaved to the ideas they deem correct.

“This has fostered unnecessary fear and divisiveness amongst us.”

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