US weather warning: Severe storms, flash flooding and tornado warnings in central US

Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes continue to batter much of central US this weekend after dozens of tornadoes have been reported in Oklahoma and Texas through Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Centre. The Weather Service warns the severe weather is expected to continue through Sunday, predicting damaging winds and flash flooding. They also warned some parts of the region could experience large hail and more tornadoes.

Tornadoes that have already torn through Texas and Oklahoma, causing damage to homes, trees and even downing power lines.

Over 100,000 customers were left without power from Texas to Iowa during the height of the storms on Saturday, AccuWeather reports.

Hundreds of planes were grounded as a result of the severe weather conditions, with Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport cancelling over 560 flights and delaying a further 515 on late Saturday evening.

But weather forecasters warn that the storms are set to continue, in what could be more than a week-long severe outbreak over the centre of the country.

Brandon Buckingham, AccuWeather meteorologist, warns that as the days progress, the flood threat will continue to increase over areas that continue to be hit by severe rain and thunderstorms.

A second AccuWeather meteorologist Reed Timmer added: “Tornado Alley is certainly waking up with significant severe weather.”

He said this is the worst setup for severe weather he has seen in years.

Forecasters predict the threat of violent thunderstorms, including tornadoes, will spread into the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Northeast as the weekend comes to a close.

On Sunday, the threat of severe weather is forecast to be the greatest from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan to northwestern Kentucky and western Tennessee.

Storms in this area will be capable of producing isolated tornadoes, wind gusts of up to 70mph, significant hail, flooding downpours and frequent lightning strikes.

The greatest risk posed to the area will be flooding, due to the saturated nature of the ground.

The National Weather Service said a moderate risk is in effect in regard to excessive rainfall for the central states.

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