Vancouver Park Board to study allowing booze on beaches and in parks

You won’t be allowed to drink beer or wine in certain Vancouver parks and beaches next summer, but the Vancouver Park Board has voted to study the issue.

The Park Board approved an amended motion Monday night to direct staff to conduct a feasibility study into future pilot projects for liquor consumption in public parks and beaches before the end of next year.

Park commissioner Dave Demers suggested the idea of a pilot project in the summer, but he’s not disappointed.

“Before we consider any kind of major changes in our bylaws, we really want to make sure those changes can be implemented in a safe manner. We want to make sure everyone will be able to enjoy their parks and beaches as before, and we’ll just have to take it maybe a little longer before we get to a pilot project, but tonight was a good step.”

A feasibility study into allowing the public consumption of alcohol in certain public spaces in Vancouver is to be completed by the fall of 2019.

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