VIDEO: Dog abandoned at closed shelter sprints down highway after him

Heart-wrenching moment Rawhide the dog tries to grab on to his owner’s leg and sprints after his truck after he was abandoned at a shelter

  • Heartbreaking video of a man leaving a dog at a closed shelter has gone viral
  • Man takes the dog out of his truck and tries to leave him but the dog hugs him
  • He swats the dog away, before getting back into his truck and driving off 
  • The poor dog runs after his master at full speed, following him onto a highway 
  • Shelter was closed for a quarantine but workers were inside and saw the dog run 
  • They chased after the dog, who was almost hit by several cars & brought him in
  • The man has since defended his actions saying the dog was aggressive with his other dogs, and that he had actually rescued him off the street weeks before  

A man dumped his dog outside of a shelter in Tennessee and drove off, but the poor pooch sprinted down the road after his truck despite being abandoned. 

The heart-wrenching incident was caught on security camera at the Hawkins County Humane Society. As the man takes the dog out from his truck and walks away from the dog, who is off leash, the dog jumps and hugs his owner, but he swats the poor animal away.

The shelter, which is normally open from noon till 5pm on Saturdays, was closed temporarily for quarantine and the doors were locked. Despite staff being inside, the man did not bother to knock.

After he dropped the poor dog off and begins driving away, the animal starts running after his truck at full speed, out into traffic on Highway 11-W, and follows the truck as he turns west toward Rogersville.

The man, who the shelter is not naming, took the dog out of his truck and begins to hold onto him and hug him, but the man swats it away and gets in his truck 

As the pup’s owner begins to drive off the dog runs full speed after him down the parking lot

The dog, clearly upset, begins to chase his owner out of the parking lot and onto the highway 

The people who were inside the shelter realized what happened and ran after the dog to collect it.    

HCHS manager Sandy Behnke told The Times News that she isn’t releasing the man’s face or identity because she has a request in for an investigaiton by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office.  

After watching the tear-jerking surveillance, Behnke said ‘Apparently the dog loved him,’ adding ‘He didn’t deserve it.’

Joseph Cadorette, a staff member of the Hawkins County Humane Society, says they’ve named the two-year-old blue heeler Rawhide.

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‘He gets out of his truck and walks to the back,’ Cadorette said. ‘He’s got a fiberglass cover on the bed of his truck and he unlocks it, pulls the dog out.’ 

‘He couldn’t get in because the doors were locked,’ Cadorette said. ‘He turned around and just walked away.’ 

‘We noticed a vehicle pulling out with a dog chasing it and our staff members went out to chase him,’ Cadorette said. ‘He was running down Highway 11. He almost got hit by four or five cars before we got him back in the parking lot.’

The people at the Hawkins County Humane Society bolt out of the door after seeing the abandoned dog run after his now previous owner 

Thankfully they were able to retrieve the dog, who they have named Rawhide, before he was hit by any cars on the highway 

Thankfully the dog was rescued by the shelter workers who saw him chasing the truck 

Whose a good boy? The pup will be up for adoption sometime next week after he has shots and is neutered 

Rawhide still needs his shots and will be neutered, he will be available for a forever home next week.   

‘We’re just hoping to get him taken care of and get him a family here that can adopt him and show him the love and care that he wants,’ Cadorette said. ‘You have to treat animals just as good as a human being, I mean they got feelings too.’ 

The unidentified man, through an unidentified attorney, sent a letter saying he found the dog and kept it for two weeks to save its life and that Rawhide was aggressive towards his two smaller dogs. 

‘The dog was in more danger where it was with exposure to starvation, other dogs, vehicular traffic and coyotes.’

‘The dog was brought to the shelter during working hours with the understanding it would be admitted.’

‘When it was not, the false impression was given that the man had abandoned his own dog rather than trying to rescue a stray.’

The letter went on to say: ‘The man wanted to assure others he loves dogs as much as they do, understood their response, and said he didn’t mind being thought of temporarily as the bad guy since in the end it helped get the dog adopted, which was the goal in the first place.’



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