Video shows drivers tackling a deluged highway after cyclone hits Oman

Flooding in the desert: Incredible footage shows drivers tackling a deluged highway after cyclone hits Oman, with one city receiving three years’ worth of rainfall in a single day

  • Video shows vehicles driving through flooded desert in Oman in the wake of Cyclone Mekunu 
  • The cyclone saw eleven inches of rain in the city of Salalah – three years’ worth of rainfall
  • Six Omanis lost their lives in the storm, including a 12-year-old-girl, and 30 people were reported missing 

These are the shocking results of the massive cyclone which hit the Arabian Peninsula this week, dumping three years’ worth of rainfall in a city in Oman and flooding the desert.   

Video footage shows cars driving on flooded highways through Oman, and there have been reports of buildings being ripped apart by the strong winds. 

The footage, filmed using a drone, shows how the desert has been turned into a murky beige sea in the wake of the severe weather.  

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    Seaside desert: Video shows vehicles driving through flooded desert in Oman in the wake of Cyclone Mekunu

    Through the water: The cyclone saw eleven inches of rain hit Salalah, which is nearly three times the annual rainfall in the city

    Six Omanis have died in the storms, including a 12-year-old girl, with at least 30 reported missing over the weekend.

    Cyclone Mekunu saw eleven inches of rain hit Oman’s third largest city of Salalah, nearly three times its annual rainfall, leaving thousands of its 200,000 residents without power and water.

    Flooding and damage remains considerable after the cyclone, the strongest-ever recorded to hit southern Oman. 

    While Salalah International Airport already has reopened, there’s still much damage that needs to be repaired in Oman, from downed power lines to whole roadways swallowed by raging flash floods. Water supplies also have been affected.

    Overflow: A waterfall has been created by what has been extreme rain for the region in Salalah, Oman

     Cyclone Mekunu, the most powerful to ever hit the area, ripped apart buildings and blew down street lights with 105-111mph winds gusting up to 124mph

    A car diverts after an underpass has been filled by the flood water after Cyclone Merkunu in Salalah, Oman

    Debris litter a beach after Cyclone Mekunu in Salalah after thousands of the city’s 200,000 residents lost power and water and communications services were wrecked throughout surrounding provinces

    Before hitting Oman, Mekunu struck Yemen’s Socotra in the Arabian Sea, causing massive damage to the island that UNESCO has recognized as a world natural heritage site. 

    The storm killed at least seven people there while eight remain missing, according to the United Nations.

    Over 500 families were displaced by the storm, which sent flash floods through streets and homes on the island. 

    Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar all have sent relief material to the island, as has the U.N. 

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