Vile mum laughs as she watches baby boy choking after being forced to vape

A mum has sparked outrage online after a video showed her sister giving her baby a vape.

The woman, from Kempsey in New South Wales of Australia, jokingly asked the 11-month-old if he "wants to smoke" before sticking the e-cigarette device into his mouth.

The footage, which was posted on Facebook, shows the baby's aunt asking: "Want to try?" while holding up the vape as members of the family sat at the back in the house.

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She then placed the vape into the baby boy's mouth until he coughs and breathes out smoke.

The baby's mother can be heard laughing as she watched on.

Viewers were left disgusted and called the adults for their vile behaviour.

One person wrote: "How scattered and who gives their kid a vape, grow up and be a better mother.

"Matter of fact you shouldn’t be a mother."

Another commented: "It's terrible, everyone can't believe it. Why would you give a young baby a vape?"

Some people suggested in the comments that the baby has been taken to hospital but it's not clear if he suffered any symptoms.

Paige Preston, senior manager at Lung Foundation, told Australian media: "It is incredibly alarming to see that video of that poor child.

"This is a massive concern because it does normalise vaping, it makes light of something that is incredibly dangerous to children and to adults."y

The video was made aware to New South Wales Police, which they have sent officers to check on the welfare of the baby.

The baby's mother defended her actions in a Facebook rant, saying: "Every c**t got the hide to sit there and talk about me and my child, take a look in your own back yard.

"You ain't perfect either, so keep that mouth going, you ain't scary, you are nothing but bums.

"Any motherf***er got anything to say to me from now on, come s** me out, you know where I live. I'll be sure happy to sort the c**t out!"


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