Vladimir Putin to face pressure from oligarchs as new sanctions hit ‘very personally’

Putin: Expert discusses sanctions on family

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The United States announced harsh sanctions in response to the brutal killings of Ukrainian civilians by Russian forces. The new restrictions attack Russia’s largest banks and Vladimir Putin’s immediate family, including his two adult daughters. Taras Kuzio, British academic and expert in Ukrainian political affairs, warned Russian leaders will view the latest sanctions as “an attack on their families.”

Speaking to GB News, Mr Kuzio predicted Russian officials will take the move by the US “very personally,” as a defining moment in the conflict.

In addition to Putin’s own family, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov and his wife and children have been targeted in the new wave of US sanctions. 

Mr Kuzio highlights the US restriction against Russian oligarchs is certain to frustrate powerful members of Putin’s “inner circle.”

Russian individuals named in US sanction guidelines will have any property or assets they own in the US blocked and any further transactions in the US also obstructed.  

Kuzio explains these restrictions will prevent Russian influentials from enjoying the “high life” as they often reside globally in “various palaces and luxury apartments”.

Despite the “xenophobic and anti-Western campaigns” unleashed by Putin’s supporters, Kuzio explains many Russian leaders actually enjoy a secret life of luxury in the West.

He explained: “These oligarchs and the people around President Putin have stolen billions inside Russia and taken this to the west.”

Kuzio highlighted how this Russian wealth is spent across Europe and the US and the Russian leaders “love to live a high life in the West.”

As the new sanctions restrict property and assets owned by Russians across the US, Putin’s inner circle and key Russian oligarchs are blocked from accessing their foreign leisure empires.

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The US sanctions are targeting the daughters of Putin as they are believed to support their dictator father’s regime.

In addition to being trusted members of Putin’s inner circle, his daughters are understood to be in control of a considerable number of their father’s assets within the US and elsewhere.

Russian banks have also been a key target in the latest round of US sanctions against Russia.

The US has placed severe financial sanctions on both Russia’s largest private bank, Alfa Bank, and their largest state-owned bank, Sberbank.

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The move by the US comes in response to evidence emerging from Ukraine that Russian forces have targeted and systematically killed civilians.  

Recent images from Bucha, an area just outside Kyiv, have revealed horrific scenes of civilian murders following the withdrawal of Russian troops. 

Following this revelation, President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of war crimes against Ukraine.

Accusations of genocide are mounting against Putin as more evidence from Ukraine emerges and further sanctions continue to be the focus of global political debate.

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