Volkswagen driver spins out of control at high speed

Volkswagen driver spins out of control at high speed after crashing into another car while trying to undertake on a dual carriageway

  • The driver crashed into someone on his way to work in Stockport, Cheshire
  • The man hit by the car pulled up on the hard shoulder and called the police
  • He thought the freak incident could have been ‘genuinely deliberate’ 

This is the shocking moment a VW car appears out of nowhere crashing into driver, 46, while on his way to work in Stockport, Cheshire.

The car tried to push him into the crash barrier only to lose control and end up there itself. 

The Passat spins into the barrier crushing the front of its car as he worker immediately pulled up on the hard shoulder and phoned the police.  

He said: ‘I was approaching the M56 and once I’d overtaken the BMW. I noticed the 40mph sign was flashing in the distance which usually means there’s a queue ahead so wanted to be in the inside lane. 

‘I’d lost sight of the Passat who was behind me and as I was looking over my right shoulder, he hit my car from the left and then appeared to try to push me into the off-side crash barrier.

The car pushes past the worker on the left-hand side as it loses control landing in the barrier

The Passat rips off its front as it lands in the crash barrier on M56 in Cheshire

‘I genuinely thought it was deliberate so, I was really scared, very shaken and called the police as soon as we’d stopped.’

‘The other drivers response was weird. He wouldn’t get out of his car and wouldn’t exchange details. The only thing he kept shouting was ‘F*** off’. 

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‘I’d already called the police but they wouldn’t attend as there were no injuries. Once the HATO (Highways Agency Traffic Officer) arrived, he persuaded the driver to exchange details advising him it was a criminal offence not to do so. 

‘Since my car wasn’t badly damaged, the HATO told me I could leave.’ 

The VW Passat was left destroyed after losing control on the M56 crash in the morning

Its entire front was ripped off and featured paint on the right-hand side ripped off from the other car

The worker’s car was left with fewer damages as one image shows dents and scratches 

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