Watch reckless motorist mount the kerb to dodge queue

That’s one way to beat traffic! Watch reckless motorist mount the kerb and drive along cycle lane to dodge queue

  • Motorist spotted driving on pavement while traffic was stuck in a queue in Kent
  • Viewers said to share the dashcam footage from Thursday with the police 

VIDEO CODE: 2872881 

This is the shocking moment a reckless motorist mounts the pavement to pass a long line of traffic – after driving  right up behind the motorist in front.

The footage shows the dangerous driver zooming along the pavement as it passes a queue of cars and lorries waiting at a red traffic light near Ebbsfleet international railway station in Kent. 

The dashcam video, shot last Thursday at 3.53pm at Thames way in Northfleet, showed the driver undertake many vehicles while driving at a considerable speed.

The driver brazenly ignored the safety of pedestrians who might be in their path, motoring down the lane into a bend.

Then, without indicating, the driver leaves the pavement to rejoin the road, pushing in front of their fellow motorists, still patiently queueing. 

Dashcam video caught a reckless motorist mounting the pavement to pass a long line of traffic on Thursday at 3.53pm at Thames way in Northfleet

The motorist then proceeds to drive along the pavement ‘at speed’ towards Ebbsfleet international station in Kent

Since sharing the video on TikTok, viewers have been urging the man who filmed the clip to send his footage to the police.

The poster wrote: ‘I was on my way home from work on the route I always take. 

‘The road ahead splits into two with traffic lights for turning right and for going straight ahead. 

‘The lights for going ahead were green but a couple of lorries were too far over so were slightly blocking the road as the lights for turning right were red. 

‘To the left of me is a cycle and footpath. 

‘Wait and see what the white car behind me does. Unbelievable!!!’

Justin wrote on TikTok: ‘Send it over to the police. I am sure they will question them enough to make back the time saved.’

Charlie wrote: ‘I would send that to the police.’ 

Completelost wrote: ‘I just sat here [shocked] like I didn’t believe what I saw’ 

Tamsin wrote: ‘The fact that people like this have passed their test but I haven’t [laughing].’ 

 Numerous viewers of the clip urged the man who filmed it to send the footage to the police after the driver broke several traffic laws

The motorist ignores the safety of potential on coming pedestrains which may be walking around the bend and quickly darts back on the road into an empty right lane

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