We live in 'Britain's RUDEST town' where selfish tourists make life a misery… but it's not what you think | The Sun

A VILLAGE dubbed England’s rudest has been swamped with souvenir hunters desperate to land a snap of its cheeky signs.

Social media is awash with selfies of tourists grabbing pictures in the naughty-named Wetwang in East Yorkshire.

Locals – nicknamed Wetwangers – revealed how pranksters even vandalised the signs with the face of telly chef Ainsley Harriott.

Sharon Jackson, 48, who runs the equally-cheeky dog grooming salon Fluff Yer Pups, revealed: “They had to put a new sign up because someone put a picture of Ainsley Harriott on there and called him the Mayor of Wetwang.

“That’s why they’ve put a higher sign up now – to stop the pranksters.”

Sharon, who moved to Wetwang, in the pretty Yorkshire Wolds with partner Jason, 51, admitted she had not twigged the village’s mischievous moniker.

She added: “It’s a funny name – but I never twigged, to be honest. I just saw the house on the internet and went for it.

“It was only when we moved here I realised that people thought it was funny.

“We get lots of people passing through who go for selfies. The locals call themselves Wetwangers. People are proud of the village – and it is a lovely place.”

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Wetwang, with bizarrely-named neighbouring villages including Thwing, Giggleswick and Blubberhouses, historically means ‘wet field’ or ‘'field of summons for the trial of an action”.

Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, not known for its sense of humour, notes that the village's name means “moist penis” and often “attracts mirth”.

Instagram and TikTok accounts are flooded with images and videos of jokers posing up by its village signs – which were reportedly installed off the ground to stop them being nicked.

Chip shop worker Josh Young, 24, said: “People take selfies all the time. If you search Wetwang online, it’s full of it.

“We get people coming here to get pictures of the Wetwang Surgery and of our chippy, the Deep Blue Wetwang.

“Ainsley Harriott’s face got plastered on the sign. Noone in the village had a clue what that was about. But it’s just a bit of fun.”

Despite Wetwang’s rude name, its tiny population of 700 people say they are anything but, with an annual scarecrow festival the highlight of the community calendar.

Josh, who has lived in Wetwang all his life, added: “It’s got a rude name but the people are nice.

“It’s got a good pub, a good cricket team and a scarecrow festival – that’s about it. Nobody moves into Wetwang, and no one moves out.
“Nothing really ever happens here.”

And gran-of-three Catherine Mouer, 65, said: “I’ve been here 21 years – I’m a proper Wetwanger.

“It’s a friendly, nice place to be. For a small place, there’s quite a lot going on.”

Magda Wozniak, 39, who moved to Wetwang two years ago, added: “It’s a great place to live. There are loads of events going on in the village hall.

“I always used to drive through Wetwang when I worked nearby and when it was all lit up for Christmas, it made me want to move here.

“The people are really kind and polite. Everyone says hello to each other.

“I’m proud to be a Wetwanger – I’m not planning to move out.”

And gran-of-three Catherine Mouer, 65, said: “I’ve been here 21 years – I’m guess I'm a proper Wetwanger now.

“It’s a friendly, nice place to be. For a small place, there’s quite a lot going on.”

Countdown host Richard Whiteley was granted the title of Mayor of Wetwang after joking about how nice it would be to be mayor of a village with such an amusing name.

After he died, residents nominated celebrities and BBC weatherman Paul Hudson won the mayoral election in May 2006.

The village – where property prices average £200,000 – has been populated for at least 2,400 years.

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Wetwang's most notable discovery came in 2001. The construction of a small housing development revealed the grave of an Iron Age woman buried 2,300 years ago in her chariot.

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