We may have won Proms victory but the war against BBC bias is far from over

VICTORY never felt so good.

After two weeks of people power moving against the woke madness of the BBC, its new boss has turned on the Britain-hating champagne socialists who now run the shamed organisation.

In his first anti-woke move as director general, Tim Davie has forced the total idiots who run the Last Night of the Proms to reintroduce the singing of Land of Hope and Glory and Rule, Britannia!

It exposes the executives who have spent the last two weeks arguing singing the patriotic anthems during the Covid-adjusted event would be practically impossible as complete liars.

And it shows the new boss – once a member of the Conservative party – may well be serious about trying to fundamentally reshape the Blatantly Biased Corporation.

Here’s my warning though: Don’t believe this battle is even close to being won. 

The whole unnecessary Proms scandal shows that the BBC is staffed top to bottom by Guardian-reading, quinoa munching, Brexit-hating lefties who despise what you and me stand for.

Its news operation is now to the left of Channel 4 News. That’s not according to me, but rather the long-time former head of BBC TV News Roger Mosey, who remains a supporter of the corporation.

Newsnight – the jewel in the crown of hard hitting BBC current affairs under Jeremy Paxman – now operates as a rogue left-wing operation, with government-hating campaigners like Lewis Goodall in charge.

All BBC comedy now comes from a left-wing viewpoint.

Most BBC dramas put achieving wokeness ahead of good storylines.

EastEnders has become a pathetic bore.

Even its entertainment offering is now focussed on achieving diversity and being politically correct instead of who or what is actually entertaining.

Loose Women presenter Saira Khan revealed as much on my talkRADIO show yesterday.

She told me executives at the corporation viewed her as “a tick in the box”, saying: “If they needed a Muslim woman I’d be wheeled out.”

But, unlike many, Saira called out their insensitivity and will be cautious before taking on future work with the Beeb.

She’s spot on about the reason for the problem, explaining: “I was quite shocked because when you go behind the BBC, even now, it’s a blanket of white middle class folk who haven’t mixed outside their own social group.”

So while I celebrate this major BBC U-turn today, I don’t believe for a single second that the fundamental problems turning the public against the corporation have even started to be resolved.

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