Weather forecast live – UK DRENCHED as Storm Alex flooding aftermath is revealed in chilling pics.. but WORSE to come

CHILLING new pics reveal the damage done by Storm Alex – as Britain is warned "the worst is still to come".

The UK faces more terrible weather in the coming days, with "danger to life" warnings as Storm Alex brings more heavy rain and strong winds.

The Met Office issued two amber and one yellow warning countrywide even as the heart of Storm Alex moved on to the continent.

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    Coastguard aircraft and lifeboats were today searching the Irish Sea in atrocious weather for a crewman missing from a ferry.

    Holyhead coastguards in Anglesey were alerted on Monday night after he vanished from a Dublin to Holyhead ferry.

    A plane and helicopters from Ireland and Wales were launched.

    A coastguard statement said :”HM Coastguard has coordinated a wide scale air and sea search overnight covering over 1,000 square nautical miles with nothing found.”

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    The Environment Agency is battling to clean up fallen debris preventing rivers flowing properly before further rain is set to fall.

    Roads across the country have also been blocked by flood waters.

    Workers were out in the North East today, with one team clearing debris that collected on a screen on the River Wear at Chester-le-Street to ensure the river can flow freely.

    Firefighters were also on hand to unblock drains that were overwhelmed by the volume of water in the wake of persistent, heavy rain.

    Houses and roads were also pictured flooded on Tottington Road in Bury.

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  • Samantha Lock


    Up to 35mm (1.4inches) of rain is still yet fall in Wales and North West England, after forecasters predicted the deluge would come today.

    The South West will be hit by gusts of up to 45mph as a new weather system crosses the Atlantic Ocean.

    Parts of Wales will be hit by a further 50mm (2inches) of rain Wednesday night, while parts of Lincolnshire and the South Pennines will get 25mm (1inches).

    The same could fall in southern England on Thursday.

    October in Britain usually averages 108mm (4.25inches) of rain.

    The totals expected in some parts of the country across tomorrow and Thursday could represent about a fortnight's worth of rain.

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    Aerial photographs reveal the extent of the flooding wreaked by Storm Alex in parts of UK in recent days.

    50 flood alerts and warnings were in place today as fields flooded across the country, including in Newport Pagnall, Buckinghamshire.

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  • Samantha Lock

  • Samantha Lock


    A Met Office Forecaster told The Sun Online the weather will remain wet for a while.

    “It’s going to remain unsettled until the weekend,” the forecaster said.

    “There will be some periods of quite heavy rain during the week and there's potential today for some thunderstorm activity.”

    Gales are set to be particularly strong along the South Coast today, with winds of up to 42mph and thunder in places.

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    The latest satellite imagery shows an area of think frontal cloud to the south west of the UK.

    The cloud is set to spread across many areas through Wednesday night, bringing some steady rain with it, the Met Office predicts.

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    The change in autumnal colours has begun.

    In between showers beautiful autumnal hues were captured today in Clarke's Gardens in Allerton, Liverpool and Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey, Hampshire.

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    Boris Johnson pledged today that every home in Britain will be powered by wind energy in a decade.

    In a speech to the annual Conservative Party conference, Johnson said the government would invest £160million in ports and factories to support production of the next generation of wind turbines.

    That is a tiny fraction of what it will cost to reach his goal as the UK currently gets about one-sixth of its electricity from wind, or enough to power 18.1 million homes, according to statistics from renewableUK, an industry association.

    Boris said: “There is one area where we are progressing, quite literally, with gale force speed and that is the green economy the green industrial revolution that in the next 10 years will create hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs.”

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    A bird expert claims now is the perfect time to see some amazing winged wildlife this autumn.

    Rory Crawford, who works for the RSPB, says it's a time of big change as summer settlers head to warmer countries, while others arrive to escape harsh conditions in the Arctic and Scandinavia.

    Dad-of-two Rory, 35, right, says: “I know folk think the weather is rubbish in Scotland but some birds actually come here for the winter because it's more pleasant.

    “The last few of the summer birds are heading south back to Africa and the northern birds are arriving here. It's a good time to be looking out for birds.”

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    Sunny spells and scattered showers will sweep across the UK today, some of which may be heavy in places.

    They will blow through quite quickly though in the south where it's windy, especially around the coast.

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    Heavy rain battered Blackpool Promenade as students huddled under umbrellas during a wet morning in Manchester.

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    • Tuesday: During the evening, most inland showers will gradually fade, allowing clear spells to develop. However, it will remain mostly cloudy with showers through the night in north Wales, north-west England, Northern Ireland, northern and western Scotland. A breezy night, especially in the south and west.
    • Wednesday: The morning will be dry with sunny spells for most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, there will be a few showers in north Wales and north-west England. Rain in western Scotland. Bright with showers in eastern Scotland. Showers and rain will persist for much of the day in the north.
    • Thursday and Friday: Thursday will be cloudy across England and Wales with heavy rain in the south. Scotland, Northern Ireland and the far north of England will be bright with a threat of showers. After a bright start, Friday will be mostly cloudy. Rain will affect parts of southern and south-east England. Gentle winds.


    Brits moan about the weather for an average of 42 minutes every single week, a study out today (Tue) has revealed.

    Over the course of the year, that works out at 2,184 minutes we spend griping about the weather – that’s 36hrs and 24 mins.

    If you live in Bristol, you are more likely to whinge about the weather than anywhere else in the UK – grumbling about it a whopping 78 minutes-a-day.

    Scots in Fort William in the Highlands – officially the wettest place in Britain, with 1,800mm of rainfall – just under 6ft – every year – barely grumble about the weather because they are so used to it.

    Locals in the Scottish Highlands grouse about the weather for just 40 minutes a day, with the average Scot complaining about the weather for just 45 minutes a day.

    The nationwide study of 6,500 Brits found the biggest moaners when it came to the weather – with the number of minutes grumbling about it each week – were as follows;

    1. Bristol – 78mins
    2. Burnley – 75mins
    3. Hull – 72mins
    4. Southampton – 70mins
    5. Birmingham – 67mins
    6. Bradford – 63mins
    7. Bournemouth – 59mins
    8. Sunderland – 57mins
    9. Lincoln – 55mins
    10. Oxford – 54mins


    Showers were felt across the UK Tuesday morning, and are set to clear a little in the early afternoon.


    Bookmaker Coral makes it a 2-1 chance that snow falls in any major UK city during October.

    “There's no sign of any respite from the terrible weather and we think snow to fall in October is a very genuine possibility, making it just 2-1 to happen in any major UK city before the month is out,” said Coral's Harry Aitkenhead.

    “We are in for a long winter with our betting suggesting that we could be headed for our coldest ever,” he added.

    Coral already make this month odds on, at 1-2, to be the wettest October on record.


    Eight flood warnings and 33 flood alerts have been issued across England, the Environmental Agency says.


    Sunny spells and scattered showers, some heavy at times, are expected across the country today.

    Parts of eastern Scotland and eastern England may escape the showers and remain dry.

    It will be breezy, especially in the south where there is a risk of coastal gales, the Met Office says.

    Showers will later become confined to parts of northern and central UK with other areas dry with some clear spells developing.


    A surfer catches a wave at Boscombe beach in Dorset shortly after dawn this morning.

    The week's stormy weather has given rise to good surfing conditions.


    This year's summer weather could herald a “spectacular” display of autumn colour, the National Trust has said.

    The sunny spell in late September and six months of high levels of sunshine have boosted the chances of trees putting on a great display of colour as their leaves turn.

    Good levels of sunshine and rain has given trees a good chance of keeping their leaves on until the colour starts to develop as temperatures drop.

    The Trust said the warm, sunny summer increased the sugar content of the leaves, which results in a variety of colours from reds and oranges to browns and golds as the green chlorophyll breaks down in the autumn.


    A strengthening Hurricane Delta was on a course to pass by the Cayman Islands early Tuesday before hitting Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula potentially as a major storm and continuing on to strike the U.S. Gulf coast later in the week.

    As Delta shifted west on Monday, Cuba withdrew a hurricane warning for its western province of Pinar del Rio and replaced it with a tropical storm warning. There was also a tropical storm warning for the Cayman Islands including Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

    But the brunt of the hurricane was expected to be felt by the resort-studded northeastern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, which was forecast to start seeing hurricane conditions Tuesday night with the storm reaching land in the early hours of Wednesday.

    That part of Mexico is still soaked from Tropical Storm Gamma which hit its resorts over the weekend.

    Delta presents an important danger for the coastal regions because its storm surge could raise water levels by 2 to 3 in the lower parts of Quintana Roo, such as the resorts of Cancun, Holbox island or Isla Mujeres, Jorge Zavala.


    The hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is one of the largest and deepest in recent years, academics have said.

    Scientists from the European Union's Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) say the hole which forms each year over the South Pole has reached its maximum size for 2020 as one of the biggest in recent years.

    The return of a large hole after an “unusually small and short-lived” ozone hole in 2019 shows the need to continue enforcing the global Montreal Protocol, which banned chemicals such as CFCs that deplete ozone, experts said.

    The stratospheric ozone layer acts as a shield, protecting from potential harmful ultraviolet radiation, but substances created by humans have caused an annual thinning in the layer, known as the ozone hole.


    Britain is facing more heavy rain and 50mph winds today.

    Parts of England and Wales could experience flooding as more rain is set to fall.

    Britain has already had more rain than normal for the entire month of October, less than a week in.

    There are 11 flood warnings and 37 alerts across England, while there are four alerts in place in Wales.

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