Wedding venue owners admit they were wrong to ban interracial couple

The owners of a Mississippi wedding venue who refused to host an interracial wedding because of their Christian beliefs said on Tuesday they realized it was wrong after meeting with their pastor.

Boone’s Camp event hall said in a statement that its owners, Donna and David Russell, were taught to believe interracial marriage is against the Bible’s teachings.

“However, after consulting with their pastor and other men of faith, they determined that they were wrong in their belief,” the statement said.

The Booneville venue’s refusal to host the wedding went viral after the groom’s sister, LaKambria Welch, confronted one of the owners in a video first reported by Deep South Voice, a news and commentary website.

“We don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our … Christian belief,” the proprietor can be heard saying in the footage.

A since-deleted apology was posted to the venue’s Facebook page on Sunday. The owners also apologized to the couple personally.

“Boone’s Camp is sorry for the pain and inconvenience they have caused this couple and have invited them to use the facility,” the statement read.

Welch, 24, confirmed to NBC News that the venue had said sorry to her, her brother and his fiance and that they had accepted the apology — but would be hosting the wedding somewhere else.

“I’ve stated that I am a Christian as well,” Welch told the outlet. “So, growing up, my grandmother would always tell me to forgive, even without an apology. I’ve always lived by that with everything.”

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