Weekend washout ahead as torrential rain to continue for three days

The UK is set to be blasted with a monsoon of non-stop rain that will last for THREE days.

According to the Met Office, the showers will continue through Thursday night for most of the country as strong winds also expected.

The weekend is also set to be a wash out, especially in western parts where thunder is also set to roar.

However Saturday will be brighter and drier further east with sunny parts for many.

But there will be a few scattered showers.

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But the wild weather due to hit the UK tonight could last up to three weeks and into the winter months.

Downpours brought in by strong low-pressure systems swirling in the Atlantic will bring in torrential rain through into tomorrow morning.

Tropical air brought in on a supercharged jet stream will see temperatures rise dramatically leading to more ‘convective’ downpours over the next two days.

However, Britons are bracing themselves for the 2,000-mile wide ‘pressure vortex’ spanning the Atlantic threatening widespread disruption and weather misery on Friday.

Met Office forecasters are watching the swirling vortex closely which could lead to the fourth named storm of the season – Deirdre.

The giant low pressure ‘vortex’ could see 50mm of rain dumped, disrupting the south and west throughout the weekend, with wet and windy conditions continuing into next week.

A yellow warning has been put in place for wind and rain from midnight tonight until Friday afternoon, when Storm Deirdre is expected to unleash the worst of its weather.

UK weather forecast: Met Office warnings of heavy rain and winds from tomorrow

Flooding, cancelled trains, ferries and buses, as well as delayed car journeys have be predicted as a result of the wild weather.

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond said: “This week, a huge vortex of low pressure in the eastern Atlantic will see the jet stream fling a succession of wet and windy spells towards UK.

“The potential for disruptive winds needs to be watched. Western parts are most prone. Several wet spells are expected.”

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