What are the different ways to vote in a general election?

GENERAL Election voting can carried out in several different ways. 

Here we explain how to vote in different ways. 

How do I vote in person?

Most people visit a polling station on the day of a general election to place their vote in the ballot box.

Polling stations are set up in local buildings across the UK, especially in school, church or community halls and even pubs.

On election day, polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm to ensure as many people as possible can get there.

To vote you need to register 

If you are on the electoral register, you will receive a poll card. 

The poll card will give you the details of where and when to vote in your area. 

How do I vote by post?

An alternative way to vote is by post for anyone aged over 18 can apply for a postal vote.

You do need to be on the electoral register, but you do not need to provide a reason for voting by mail. 

Then fill in a postal vote application form, which is available from your local electoral registration office. 

Postal voting in Northern Ireland varies from the rest of the UK and it is advisable to contact the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland for further information.

How do I vote by proxy?

If you are unable to get to a polling station you may choose to vote by proxy. 

This means that you choose someone you trust to vote on your behalf.

This can be particularly helpful if you fall ill or if you are abroad on Election Day. 

Anyone over 18 can apply.

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