While You Were Sleeping: 5 stories you might have missed, Jan 16

No-confidence vote tabled after British MPs reject May’s Brexit deal 432 to 202

British lawmakers resoundingly rejected the Brexit deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May with the European Union, leaving the country lurching towards its March 29 deadline of withdrawal from the regional bloc with still no deal in place.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn swiftly tabled a vote of no confidence after the deal was rejected 432-202 in a parliamentary vote, a defeat he called catastrophic and the biggest for any British government since the 1920s.

The motion of no confidence will be debated and voted upon on Wednesday, said May after the defeat.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker responded to the outcome of the vote, writing on Twitter: “I take note with regret of the outcome of the vote in the House of Commons this evening. I urge the UK to clarify its intentions as soon as possible. Time is almost up.”


Gunmen kill 14 in Kenya hotel compound attack claimed by Somali Islamists

Gunmen blasted their way into a hotel and office complex in the Kenyan capital on Tuesday (Jan 15), killing at least 14 people and sending workers diving under desks from an attack claimed by Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab.

Eight hours after the assault began at Nairobi’s upscale 14 Riverside Drive complex, a burst of gunfire was heard in the area, suggesting the situation was not yet under control.

Scores of people were still hiding inside the complex, a security source said. A mortuary worker told Reuters around midnight (5am on Wednesday, Singapore time) that 14 people were killed in the attack.


Trump’s pick for US attorney-general says he ‘will not be bullied’ by anybody

President Donald Trump’s nominee for US attorney-general, William Barr, told lawmakers he would protect a federal probe into Russian election meddling from political pressure, stressing he would bring independence to the job and not shy away from breaking ranks with the administration.

“I will not be bullied into doing anything that I think is wrong – by anybody, whether it be editorial boards or Congress or the president. I’m going to do what I think is right,” Barr said at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Barr is expected to win confirmation in the Republican-controlled Senate to serve as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, which would put him in charge of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and any possible collusion between Moscow and Trump’s campaign.


A toddler fell into a well in Spain. Rescuers can’t reach him

Out for an afternoon in the Spanish countryside, Julen’s parents were preparing lunch when their two-year-old slipped into a hole.

They heard the toddler’s echoing cries as he plummeted into darkness – more than 30 storeys deep – then silence.

That silence has consumed the country of 46 million people as a legion of rescuers contends with two crucial questions: How can they reach the two-year-old? And, is it already too late?


Football: Spurs star Kane out until March with ankle injury

Tottenham striker Harry Kane will be sidelined until March after suffering ankle ligament damage in Sunday’s defeat against Manchester United.

Kane sustained the injury to his left ankle in the closing moments of the 1-0 loss at Wembley and scans have now confirmed the extent of the problem.

It is the third successive season the England captain has missed games due to an ankle injury.


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