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SIR Captain Tom Moore, the heroic war veteran who raised £33 million for the NHS, has passed away in hospital after a fight with coronavirus.

He was admitted to hospital on Sunday after suffering breathing difficulties. It was his daughter Hannah who originally suggested the idea of doing laps of his garden, which resulted in raising the incredible sum – but what else do we know about her?

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Captain Tom's original target was £1,000 by his birthday on April 30, 2020, that would go to NHS Charities Together to support workers on the frontline of the Covid-19 outbreak.

However, donations to the former British Army officer's cause soon went into the millions.

The Captain, who was knighted, raised £32,796,357 in total.

His amazing fundraising has seen him appear with his daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore on national and international television.

Hannah said about her dad's achievement: "“It has been, and I know these are overused words, incredible, extraordinary and also just outstanding and awesome.

"We knew we had a lovely story to share. We just thought that might be the local radio station, a couple of the local papers.

"Three weeks later, our cloud server said no thank you to any more emails when we went over a million.

“Here we are just regular people trying to do our best and supporting Tom, and realising that he has connected with people around the world and given them a bit of joy."

Who is Hannah Ingram-Moore?

Captain Tom's daughter, Hannah, is a business recruitment officer based in Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire.

She manages Maytrix, a company she co-founded, that focuses on recruitment, brand development and training for businesses.

Hannah originally suggested Captain Tom do the walk as a way for him to celebrate his 100th birthday at the end of this month.

But together, they took it one step further and turned the idea into an NHS fundraising campaign – unaware of just how popular the initiative would become.

The proud daughter also helped her father set up his JustGiving fundraiser page.

Speaking on LBC in April, Hannah said of her father's stunning achievement: "Since we can't have a 100th birthday party, why don't we do something fun, you walk 100 lengths of the driveway and we will pay you a pound a length.

"So we thought shall we really go out there and try and raise a thousand pounds, so we put it Just Giving just over a week ago.

"We thought we'll put a bit more money in and let's raise the money for the NHS.

"He says 'Once I've hit one hundred then I shall walk another hundred to pay back the British public for their generosity and kindness and support,' and we've said as a family as long as he keeps walking we will keep supporting him."

His proud daughter continued: "He is your stoic Yorkshire man. And having broke his hip 18 months ago he knows full well that if he didn't keep walking he would stop walking altogether.

"When he was in his eighties he had two new knees, and the way he got around that was by cycling every day a week after he'd had them done.

"He's compelled to stay fit and active, he says there's no fun in getting old but at least try and stay as fit as you can."

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