Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury's wife Caroline Eaton, when did they get married and do they have children?

Justin Welby, 62, will officiate at the Royal Wedding on Saturday. He's apparently calming his nerves by listening to Stormzy – and, of course, his wife of nearly 40 years.

But just who is Caroline and how many children do the couple have?

Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury's wife Caroline Eaton?

Caroline studied at University of Cambridge in the mid 1970s. She met Justin, who read history and law at the famous redbrick.

They married in 1979 and Justin later went onto forge a successful career as an oil executive.

When Justin trained to become a clergyman in Durham, it's reported he and Caroline lived on savings and lived for some years on the breadline.

How many children do they have?

Caroline and Justin have had six children.

Their seven-month-old daughter, Johanna, died in a car crash in France in 1983. Justin says this tragedy brought himself and Caroline "closer to God".

All five of the couple's kids; Tim, 28, Peter, 23, Katherine, 26, Eleanor, 20 and Hannah, 17, attended state schools.

Katherine herself works for a Christian charity in London.

When did Justin move from oil to religion?

Justin worked for 11 years in the oil trade, five of which were for French oil company Elf Aquitaine in Paris. He has since expressed his love for the country.

But after training at Cranmer Hall and studying theology at St John's College, Durham, he was ordained in 1992 as a deacon, and a priest in 1993.

The dad was made Bishop of Canterbury in 2013.

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