Why Jerry Nadler insists on wasting everyone’s time

Just two days after special counsel Bob Mueller announced that he wouldn’t testify before Congress about his 450-page report because “the report is my testimony,” House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler announced that he wanted Mueller to testify anyway.

“We will have Mr. Mueller’s testimony,” Nadler told WNYC, and on TV, too. The problem, he claims, is that most people haven’t read the report, and Team Trump is “lying” about what it says.

Funny: Nadler specifically cites Attorney General William Barr as a liar, yet Mueller on Wednesday went out of his way to call Barr honorable. A day later, Mueller and Barr issued a joint statement insisting they have no conflicts about the report.

Anyway, what’s Nadler going to do if he does manage to force Mueller into testifying? Make him do a live reading of the report? Even MSNBC viewers will doze off.

The New York Democrat is stuck because, as he also told WNYC, “The American people right now do not support” impeachment. But his party’s left wing is howling for it, as are many of its presidential candidates.

To appease the left, he’s pretending that he’s going to educate the public about Trump’s evil: “We have to get the facts out. We have to hold a series of hearings, we have to hold the investigations.”

Mueller and his predecessors spent two years investigating, with full cooperation from the White House. Nadler knows perfectly well that his “investigations” won’t find anything new. Nor will the public pay much attention to an endless, selective reading of Mueller’s report — no matter how much the Trump-hating media plays it as news.

All Nadler’s going to do is make a lot of noise to appease the left and avoid admitting the truth. It’s nothing but an elaborate stall, and Mueller is entirely right to not waste his time in a pointless, political dog-and-pony show.

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