Will there be a second national coronavirus lockdown?

FOLLOWING the lift of lockdown restrictions, the country has seen a rise of Covid-19 cases.

However, the government updated its latest figures on Sunday, revealing the total number of Covid-19 cases in the UK reached 394, 257 and the death toll reached 41,777.

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Will there be a second national lockdown?

It is unlikely that the UK will plunge into a lockdown of the same scale that was introduced earlier this year.

However, the government is expected to bring in tough measures in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson is considering a “circuit breaker” lockdown, in which pubs and restaurants would be closed, to give the nation “breathing space” in the battle against coronavirus. 

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock refused to rule out a second national lockdown on September 18, amid fears Covid cases are spiralling as high as 38,000 a day.

A "circuit breaker" lockdown would likely include bans on socialising with other households, and telling people not to use public transport unless it was essential.

Professor Chris Whitty is expected to say in a televised speech that the UK is at a "critical point".

The government has warned that the country is in the "last chance saloon" and that it's "getting close to being too late".

Speaking on This Morning, Matt Hancock said: "If we do have to go into lockdown, it will be different to last time."

When may a second national lockdown start?

Boris Johnson has warned actions to stop a second surge of coronavirus must be "tough now" to "protect" Christmas.

It is unknown when or if this secondary lockdown will be put in place.

The PM said people have to be "both confident and cautious" and that it is "crucial" the country does not re-enter "some great lockdown again that stops business from functioning".

Mr Johnson told The Sun: "Christmas we want to protect, and we want everyone to have a fantastic Christmas.

"But the only way to make sure the country is able to enjoy Christmas is to be tough now.

"So if we can grip it now, stop the surge, arrest the spike, stop the second hump of the dromedary, flatten the second hump."

He told Sun readers that further curfew measures, such as shutting pubs at 10pm, will be needed if his “rule of six” is not obeyed.

Brits now face tough new restrictions after the number of those allowed to gather was slashed from 30 to six.

Mr Johnson also warned that more deaths are coming and an “awful lot of people” could still die of Covid-19 if it is allowed to “rip” through the country again.

How long may a second national lockdown last for?

Professor Chris Whitty wants a second two-week national lockdown.

The Times reports that a lockdown could take place during half-term in a bid to minimise disruption to schools and parents.

This falls in October, with most schools set to have their break between Monday 26 October and Friday 30 October.

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