Wimbledon tells players to stop using all their £90 food allowance

Wimbledon tells players to tighten their belts and stop using all of their £90 daily food allowance as canteens struggle to meet demand after one coach put through 27 bottles of probiotic yoghurt drink

  • The coach bought a huge amount of yoghurt to use up the rest of their cash
  • The All England Tennis Club has asked players to be ‘judicious’ when buying food
  • Players are given £90 a day to buy food and drink while their coaches get £45
  • Wimbledon athletes have at least six places to buy food from on the grounds  

Wimbledon players have been warned to stop buying unnecessary food after a coach bought 27 bottles of yoghurt at once to get the most out of their allowance.

Players and coaches at Wimbledon have been buying food and drink using the daily allowance given to them by the All England Club.

Athletes have £90 a day to spend on food and drink at the cafes and food stands at Wimbledon, while their coaches are given £45.


Nick Kyrgios ate sushi during a fiery interview where he blasted ‘disrespectful’ fans and criticised match officials 

The players lounge at the All England Club (pictured) has a number of spots where players can buy food, including a sushi bar 

Wimbledon has asked players and coaches to be more ‘judicious’ when buying food on the grounds 

This has led to coaches and players picking up more food than they need to use up their money for the day, as they seem to treat the allowance as a target rather than a cap.

One Wimbledon coach even went so far as to buy 27 bottles of a probiotic yoghurt drink to use up the rest of their cash, the i reported. 

The All England Club has now written to players asking them to be ‘judicious’ when choosing how to spend their daily allowance.

Players use electronic tags they wear around their neck to buy from six outlets on the Wimbledon grounds including sandwich bars, restaurants, cafes and even a sushi bar in the Players’ Lounge next to Centre Court.

The outlets offer a wide range of food to athlete to cater to their specific dietary requirements. 

Quartet-finalist Nick Kyrgios, 27, raised eyebrows when he ate sushi during a Wimbledon press conference.

The conference came after he spat towards someone in the crowd he said had been showing him ‘pure disrespect’ during his first-round win over Britain’s Paul Jubb. 

The All England Club was contacted for further comment.  

What do Wimbledon players eat?  

  • Despite his sushi-eating, Nick Kyrgios has largely been a vegan for a number of years and avoids all animal products – more because of his opposition to animal cruelty than for health reasons
  • Rafael Nadal, 36, is known to eat a diet of seafood, with shrimp dumplings said to be one of his favourite meals
  • Andy Murray, 35, who was knocked out in the second round by John Isner, has said he mostly eats salads, grilled chicken and fruit
  • Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic, 35, focuses his diet on vegetables, fruit, nuts as well as white meat and fish
  • Eight-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer, 40, has eaten pasta with a light sauce before every match for over 20 years. He is missing this year’s tournament for the first time since 1999 


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