Winter storms in North Dakota not expected to have significant impact on flood levels

Winter storms and blizzards in and around the Red River Valley Basin may have closed roads and brought near-zero visibility, but it will have a minimal impact on the local tributaries.

Officials at the National Weather Service in Grand Forks said Friday all that April snow won’t have a significant impact on flooding.

The Red River crested in Grand Forks Thursday around noon, making it the eighth-highest flood level the city has had on record.

The NWS says it came in at 14.28 m, below the projected 14.6 m crest.

Since the Red River has seen its peak crest, officials said the snow that fell and is going to melt over the coming days will add a second, lower crest.

In Grand Forks, snow started falling Thursday around 4:30 p.m. and was expected to continue Friday evening. It’s projected to leave about 17 cm of snow on the ground, which is about 11 mm of water, they said.

Fargo saw a similar snowfall total, but closer to South Dakota, totals are closer to about 30 cm of snow.

The NWS said as the Red River crest moves into Manitoba, it will be the fourth or fifth highest flood level in Pembina, ND at 15.7 m projected, whereas the record is 16.7 m in 1997.

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