Woman desperate for McDonald's yells 'I hope you die!' and shoves worker

A WOMAN desperate for McDonald's screamed "I hope you die" and appeared to SHOVE a fast food worker in shocking scenes over the weekend.

The dramatic confrontation saw the woman appear to almost run over the man as he refused to let them in the long queue.

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The altercation began at the Enfield restaurant in North London after the staff member refused to allow the women to join the queue due to a build up of traffic on the A10 on Saturday.

The video shows the McDonald’s employee, wearing a face mask, standing at the start of the drive-thru lane refusing to let the black car enter the queue.

The driver is repeatedly heard saying “move” however, the employee stands his ground.

The driver then gets out and confronts him, shouting: “Move away from my car.”

 She then appears to push the employee away from her car and screams: “Oh just f*** off man it’s food! You dumb s*** you f****** p****. I hope you f***ing die!”

In the back, a small child can be seen watching the bitter clash.

After her tantrum the woman begins to drive towards the queue, but is blocked again by the employee.

The stand-off continues, and another woman gets out of the car and appears to shove the employee out of the way.

At this point the manager arrives and shouts: “I am not serving you!” As the argument continues.

 The professional employees stand firm and refuse to let the women join the queue.

This sends the older woman into a tirade as she slaps and grabs the McDonald’s employee and shouts: “f*** you!” repeatedly. 

Eventually the women back off and the incident comes to an end.

Clips of the abuse were uploaded to Facebook and posted publicly by Shyaan Anais Salih shortly after.

Shyaan posted: “I am disgusted with what I witnessed today!

"This person told this McDonald’s worker that she was driving into Krispy Kreme when she was deliberately trying to enter the McDonald’s drive-thru. 

“The drive-thru line was closed off due to build up of traffic happening on the A10, hence why her, and the cars behind weren't allowed.

" I can’t believe the amount of verbal and physical abuse this guy experienced when he was only following the rules required of his job role.

“To attempt to run over and to slap, push and punch this guy just to get in the queue for a McDonald’s is absolutely disgusting.

"People like this have no respect and no morals, and to top that she had a young child in the car!

"The abuse this staff member experienced was uncalled for! This abuse happened for over 15 minutes.

“Can I just say that it is so important to respect everyone no matter what job role they have. Clearly these people have zero respect! For this person to say “I hope you die” and other things is actually so disgusting!”

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "The safety and security of our people is our absolute priority.

"This behaviour from any customer is completely unacceptable and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to anti-social behaviour of any kind. We’d like to thank our employees for handling this situation both calmly and professionally.

"We are aware things are taking a little longer than normal as our restaurant teams adjust to new procedures, and that things are operating a little differently at the moment, and we’d like to thank all our other customers for their continued patience".

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