Woman loses 10 stone because eating and drinking leaves her ‘screaming in pain’

A woman has told how she lost 10 stone due to an illness which leaves her screaming in pain every time she tries to eat or drink.

Llewella Owl, 32, was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year, having spent two years attempting to find out what was wrong with her.

She did initially weigh 18st 6lb, but now weighs just 8st 11lbs.

She told the Daily Record: “My symptoms began with severe pain to the abdomen, it's like someone is slowly pushing a sword into my stomach while I eat and drink.

“I end up crying and screaming in pain on the floor while my body vomits and shakes.

“My blood sugar levels get so low I sometimes have a hypo and because I can't eat or drink.

“This is just one of many things I have to deal with on a daily basis.

“I use to be very active, walking dogs, riding horses, motorcycles, running 5k for different charities, running after my nieces and nephews, wild swimming and I even hosted several walks in a walking group. Now, I struggle to even walk my own dog.

“I sleep downstairs as I find the stairs too much of a struggle to get up. I can no longer organise or join group walks, I no longer look after my nieces or nephews, I don't go swimming and I can only shower when someone is around to help me.”

Scotland-based Llewella, who recently had to have a feeding tube fitted, is now too weak to climb up the stairs to her bedroom, and needs help to shower.

She is hoping to undertake gastro-botox, which will temporarily paralyse the muscle causing the issue, but it is an unlicensed treatment not offered by the NHS.

This will cost around £8k, which she is hoping to raise via a GoFundMe page.

She added: “I miss food so much. Going out for meals with friends is horrible, I just have to sit there and watch everyone else eat and enjoy life.”

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