Woman runs 49 red lights in ex’s car to get him fined after he dumped her

A scorned woman deliberately ran 49 red lights in her ex-boyfriend's car to get him fined after he left her for another woman, it has been reported.

The woman, identified only as Lou, hatched the evil plan after being dumped by her ex, named Qian.

After she was ditched for another woman, Lou, who lives in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province in eastern China, asked a man called Chen to rent her ex's Audi, state-run newspaper Global Times reports.

He then handed the keys over to another man, called Zhu, who over the course of the following two days committed multiple traffic offenses with Lou.

Zhu and Lou ran 49 red lights before they were stopped by the police, the report adds.

The man then confessed to the police that the reason for his irrational behavior was that he had been pursuing Lou for a long time, and Lou only agreed to go out with him if he sought revenge for her by committing the offences.

Zhu was also arrested, FR24 News reports.

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People on social media couldn't believe the lengths the woman had been to in order to get her revenge.

"I dig her passion, if only she could channel it into something more constructive," one person commented.

Another wrote: "I guess you could say she was fast and furious."

A third added: "Way to go! Endanger other drivers because you're mad at your ex. Something tells me he had good reasons to leave her."

She's not the only scorned lover to use their ex's car to get back at them in recent times.

A girlfriend took revenge on her "cheating" boyfriend by trashing his car.

The red Citroen C2 was covered in graffiti when it was spotted on John Ruskin Street in Camberwell on Tuesday, July 6.

White spray paint covered the front, back, sides, and windows of the vehicle with messages including "I'm f****** Paul's wife" and "My girlfriend did this".

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The spurned lover also branded the motorist a “d***” in an insult written near to three circular cracks on the front windscreen.

Images of the car were posted on Facebook, quickly wracking up dozens of comments, but have since been removed.

One post showing the car at all angles was captioned: "Don't think Paul took it too well."

Another post simply read: "Yer Paul."

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