Woman who said she found razor blade in food made it up: cops

A Louisiana woman who claimed she found a razor blade in her food was later arrested for fabricating the incident, authorities said.

Eunice Police responded May 15 to Mercy Regional Medical Center on a report that a woman suffered an injury from biting into a sandwich which contained a razor, news station KATC reported.

The supposed victim, Correill Bradley, told police that she felt a strange object into her mouth while consuming fast food purchased from a local chain restaurant.

Bradley, 29, said that she then went home and discovered her pain was the result of a razor blade inside the sandwich.

Investigators, however, determined that the injuries were not consistent with her claims and likely self-inflicted, the news station reported.

Authorities reviewed security footage from a local store where razor blades were recently stolen, which reportedly showed Bradley swiping a pack moments before she ordered the fast food.

There was also no sign the fast food ever contained a razor blade, police said.

Investigators said they believe she faked the incident for insurance money since she filed a claim with the restaurant.

Bradley was arrested Friday on suspicion of criminal mischief and theft.

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