Woman served repulsive hotdog at concert arena that was ‘green, furry and stank’

A repulsed woman claims she was sold a hot dog covered in green mould at a concert arena before seeing a show.

Nicole Williams and her friend Rachel McLaughlin were waiting to see comedian Chris Ramsey perform at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on Saturday night.

As they had time before the event started, the pair decided to pick up a hot dog from the concession stand at the venue.

Chronicle Live reports that the £3 hot dogs were handed to them in sealed packets, but as they returned to their seats to eat them, Nicole was in for a nasty surprise.

Nicole, 24, from Tyne and Wear, said: "I thought it felt cold, but when I looked down it seemed like there was steam coming off it, so I pulled it out of the packet.

"It was sort of furry, it felt like sludge under my nails, it was all green, it went all over my hands and I had nothing to clean them with.

"I had to march back to the front of the queue to get something to clean up with, and tell them what happened. They just gave us the £3 back – I asked if there was a manager or someone we could complain to, but they said there was no one there."

Nicole and Rachel tried to settle into the show, but the remaining smell from the rancid meal made it hard to concentrate.

She said: "We just felt absolutely ill. I had to go and wash my hands because it absolutely stunk, but even when I got back to the seats you could still smell it. It wasn’t just the smell of the mouldy bread – obviously there was the meat of the hotdog in there, the meat had gone a dark brown colour and it stunk."

Rachel, who had eaten part of her hot dog, which did not look mouldy, began to feel sick after seeing the gruesome sight of Nicole’s meal.

Nicole says she has contacted the arena to complain, as she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else.

"They said it must have been left out by the shift before them, but it’s got to have been there a while – surely you wouldn’t get mould like that in a few days," Nicole said.

"I think they should be opening the packages and checking before they give them out. It was green and furry, can you imagine if I had eaten a bit of it?

"The only thing I kept thinking of is what if it had been a kids’ show, and a kid hadn’t looked and had taken a bite of it.

"It was disgusting."

A Metro Radio Arena Management spokesperson said: "First and foremost we sincerely apologise to the customer for this incident, which should never have happened.

"We have initiated an investigation and will of course take whatever steps are necessary to make sure an incident like this cannot occur again."

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