Woman suing VH1 star says he lied about winning suit on show

This reality TV show could use a dose of reality.

A woman who’s suing Harlem’s famed Black Ink Tattoo Studio for giving her an infection found her skin crawling for an entirely different reason last week when she tuned into VH1’s reality series about the ink parlor — only to hear the store owner bragging that he’d won the suit.

“Yo, we beat our case, yo,” Ceaser Emanuel announces at a party in the episode of “Black Ink Crew” that aired May 11, saying he just got off the phone with his lawyer.

“We ain’t giving no f—ing infected tattoo.”

But Long Islander Loni Tate’s case is still ongoing — and now she’s demanding an apology.

“He made me and my lawyer look bad, because he didn’t win the case. The case still active and we’re still fighting,” Tate, 34, told The Post.

Tate sued the shop in 2015 after she says she went in to get four roses tattooed on her left forearm — and wound up in hospital days later with an infection that has left her permanently scarred.

“When I first got the tattoo, about three days after, my arm felt like it was on fire. It hurt so bad, and I noticed that day by day the color was coming out. After a while, my arm was a bunch of pus,” she says.

A lawyer for Black Ink responded that neither Tate nor the specifics of her case are identified in the episode — so Emanuel could have been referring to another lawsuit against the business that was dismissed in 2016.

But Tate’s attorney, Mark Shirian, points out that Emanuel specifically says “infected” — while the woman in the earlier case only alleged she was burned and scarred by her tat.

He also says the VH1 show’s camera crew showed up to Tate’s deposition and tried, unsuccessfully, to film it.

“For Black Ink to now prematurely claim victory is a complete falsity and grossly misleading,” Shirian said.

“The viewers of this show have been lied to and we expect VH1 to issue a statement,”

VH1 did not return requests for comment. Emanuel couldn’t be reached for comment.

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