Woman using UV torch reveals glowing ‘yooperlite’ rock

Astonishing footage shows woman using UV torches to reveal glowing ‘yooperlite’ rocks on the shore of Lake Superior

  • The rocks were first discovered by Erik Rintamaki last June in Michigan, USA
  • The Sodalite stones react to UV light and fluoresce an incredible orange glow 
  • Mr Rintamaki now sells the rocks, he named after residents, for $32 a pound  

This is the incredible moment a glowing ‘yooperlite’ rock was found for the first time. 

The minerals, first discovered by Erik Rintamaki in June 2017, are said to be Sodalite gemstones that glow under a 365 nanometer UV light. 

The video, taken by Erik last month, shows Shirley Klemmer finding the colourful shinning rocks on the coast of Lake Superior in Michigan, USA.

Mr Rintamaki, 43, named the glowing rocks after residents of Michigan, who are often referred to as ‘yoopers.’

The casino worker, who has been selling the rocks online, said: ‘I was leading a tour of people who wanted to find yooperlites and I asked Shirley if I could film her.

‘Once I posted it online, it just went berserk. Thousands of people were watching it.

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The ‘yooperlite’ rock was found on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan USA when a tourist shone a UV light on to the ground searching for them

‘When I first discovered these rocks, I was elated. You could probably hear my screaming from 20 miles away.

‘I didn’t even know what they were at first, so I just made up a name for them and went from there.

‘I’m just a regular everyday guy who collects rocks. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this many people would be interested in them.’

The rocks which were discovered by, Erik Rintamaki, include the mineral Sodalite which reacts to UV light

Mr Rintamaki decided to hit the beach at night with a UV light last year and came home with handfuls of the glowing rocks.

He has now collected dozens of yooperlites, and he sells them for $32 a pound to people all over the world, in places like the UK, Belgium and Singapore.

What is a yooperlite? 

‘Yooperlites’ are rocks that have an orange glow under certain UV lights

The rocks contain mineral, Sodalite, which is fluorescent to UV light

The glowing rocks can be found mostly on Lake Superior between Whitefish Point an Grand Marais, and on the Keweenaw Peninsula 

However, he isn’t the first person to ever discover the glowing rocks, but was the first to bring them to geologists who verified for the first time there is Sodalite in Michigan, according to UpNorthLive.

All minerals have the ability to reflect light making them visible to the human eye, according to Geology.com. 

Some minerals have an interesting physical property known as ‘fluorescence.’

These minerals have the ability to temporarily absorb a small amount of light and an instant later release a small amount of light of a different wavelength. 

This change in wavelength causes a temporary color change of the mineral in the eye of a human observer.   

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