Work from home order should lift after June 21, Boris Johnson says

BRITAIN'S national work from home order should lift after June 21, Boris Johnson said today.

The PM has told everyone to continue to work from home if they can for the meantime, but has stressed we will be back in the office soon.

He wants to lift all Covid rules after June 21, and the PM confirmed today it's his "intention" to rip up that rule too.

It will likely see millions of Brits return to their offices and come back to their desks after more than 14 months working from their living rooms and kitchen tables.

Workers are currently allowed to come back into office buildings if they wish, subject to social distancing requirements and building limits, but the PM said earlier this week that people will eventually get bored of it.

He said at this week's press conference "the more people can communicate electronically.. the more reasons they find to meet face-to-face…

"I'm pretty certain that eventually our city centres are going to be full of bustle again.”

A review of social distancing and whether it should stay is expected to form a key part of lifting all rules next month.

But for the moment, people will still have to stay working from kitchen tables and their desks at home.

Nearly all of Britain's 50 biggest firms are planning more flexible work-from-home models following the Covid pandemic.

Millions of Brits were told to stay in their homes last March, and flexible working looks set to be here to stay.

Most companies plan on using a hybrid model of work, allowing staff to stay at home for a couple of days a week post-pandemic.

A staggering 43 per cent of the country's biggest firms are on board with the hybrid working schedule, according to a survey.

And just four employers are still deciding whether the mixture of working from home and office working will be beneficial for them.

With long and expensive commutes, many people are preferring to spend some time at home.

The work from home advice comes despite people being allowed to see up to six others inside restaurants from May 17, the PM confirmed.

And Brits will even be allowed to go on holiday too, making the work from home rules look even more barmy.

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