Yoga teacher bloodied after hotel shower door explodes

A yoga teacher was left bloodied when a glass shower door exploded at a California hotel — a stunningly common accident that has injured thousands of people in recent years, according to a report Friday.

Jean Trott, of Raleigh, North Carolina, was stepping out of the shower at the Hyatt Regency John Wayne Airport in Newport Beach when she suddenly heard a terrifying bang and felt shards of glass fly into her arms and legs, according to ABC 11.

“It was very loud. It was an instantaneous boom,” she told Raleigh-based station. “I was bleeding pretty profusely. I was thinking I have to get to the hospital quickly.”

She was rushed to an emergency room, where it took hours to remove the pieces of glass. She received 30 stitches in her upper arms, hands and feet.

She now fears the injuries will cause nerve damage, limit her ability to teach yoga and leave her with unsightly scars, she said.

Her terrifying injuries aren’t a freak occurrence. At least 2,300 people were sent to emergency rooms due to shattering glass shower doors between 2012 and 2016, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“The spontaneous breakage can be caused by scratches, installation error or other factors because the surface of tempered glass is under pressure,” the commission said in a statement.

After the accident, stunned hotel staffers placed her in another room, Trott said. “They were shocked, they had no idea something like this could happen. She now plans to have safety film installed on her shower doors at home.

The hotel is looking into what caused the explosion, a general manager said.

“[We are] conducting a thorough investigation on the product in all of our guestrooms, in an effort to determine the cause and prevent another incident from occurring in the future,” the general manager told the station.

He didn’t immediately return a request for comment Friday.

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