Young woman’s revenge on ‘creep’ who filmed her for 20 minutes on train

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A young woman managed to take revenge on a "creepy" man who filmed her on a train by giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Shinae, 21, pulled out her own phone and started filming him after she realised what was happening.

The aspiring model from Te Awamutu, New Zealand boarded the train at Valley station in Queensland, Australia while on her way to see a friend.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that, despite the carriage being empty, the man came and sat across from her.

Shinae didn't think much of this to begin with, but eventually noticed that he was staring directly at her with his phone trained on her.

She said she "instantly felt uneasy" and that the uncomfortable situation last for 20 minutes.

On her TikTok page she explained how he kept recording her despite the pair making eye contact, not saying a single word throughout.

She told The Sun: "I thought about confronting him but being alone I didn’t want to take the risk in case he reacted badly and acted out.

"So I decided just to do the same to him. I figured if I do the same and he doesn’t react then I might just be overreacting."

As soon as he noticed he was being filmed, Shinae said he casually walked away before getting off the train at the next station.

She recorded for a total of 13 seconds and uploaded the clip to TikTok, where she was eventually forced to remove it after a slew of disgusting comments.

"It’s so disappointing how scared and unsafe women can feel just in public, living day to day," she said.

Shinae rang her friend when she arrived at her destination, fearful that someone may have been waiting for her at one of the stations.

She has since sent the video to the station where they both boarded the train, hoping that the man will be identified.

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