Zara Tindall puts baby Lena to work as she stars in adorable new advert

Zara Tindall is very different to her royal cousins.

Rather than spending her time carrying out official duties, the Queen’s granddaughter is a top equestrian and Olympian with a fairly normal family life.

As she’s not a working royal, she has more freedom and she’s just appeared in an advertising campaign with her adorable three-month-old baby daughter.

Zara is the new ambassador for pushchair company iCandy and invited the team into her home to film an advert.

In the clip the mum-of-two takes baby Lena out for a walk in the countryside with their two dogs .

Zara, who is promoting the iCandy for Land Rover collaboration pushchair, said: "I always use the best equipment in competing and it definitely applies for the children and having the best for the baby.

"The iCandy for Land Rover works incredibly well for us and fits into our lifestyle across all-terrains, it is light and accessible.

"It is a fantastic addition for our family.

"It is so important to me and the family to be outside my job day-in-day-out is solely being outside, so for me having the family there makes it all the more doable with my iCandy for Land Rover pushchair."

During the video Zara can be seen folding up the pushchair and putting it in the back of a Range Rover, before driving through the country.

Bradley Appel, iCandy joint CEO, said: "It is so wonderful to have Zara as part of our iCandy family.

"Her sporting excellence as both a World Champion and Olympic medallist is a credit to Great Britain, but to see her achieve all this and go on to become a full-time mother too is the embodiment of the multi-dimensional modern working parent that we see in many of our customers across the globe.

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"As a fourth-generation family business we understand the pressures modern life can bring to parenting and our brand mission is to aid and benefit the lives of parents and children’s as much as possible, through innovative and beautifully functional products.

"The iCandy for Land Rover pushchair is the perfect of example of what we are able to achieve to bring parents a product which fits seamlessly into their lifestyle."

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