Zoo releases video of adorable baby pandas cuddling with mom

Berlin’s Zoo released a video of its panda mom cuddling her newborn twins Saturday.

The teeny cubs can be heard cooing and squeaking as they snuggle against her shoulder. In another scene, a closeup shows the shockingly small feet of one cub.

The cubs, who were 4.7 and 6 ounces at birth, now both weigh about 3 pounds, but will eventually grow to be 250-300 pounds.

The twins were born Aug. 31 to 6-year-old mother Meng Meng, the first time one of the rare bears had given birth in Germany.

The zoo has a blog to share news of the mom and babies, who have been kept out of public viewing since the birth.

Their genders remain a mystery. The Zoo will announce their genders in early December, along with their names, which will be assigned 100 days after their birth, according to Chinese tradition.

Berlin residents voted to name the babies “Hong” and “Kong” in support of the ongoing demonstrations in that city in a newspaper contest. That’s not likely to happen, as the cubs and their parents belong to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a Chinese research center. The Berlin Zoo pays $1 million a year to house the popular bears.

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