A party game that’s so much fun, a magnetic cube you can’t put down and more

From CB: I bought these earring sets in silver and gold tone because I’m constantly losing earrings and wanted some more for daily wear. They’re affordable and cute and I wear them a lot. I also bought three sets of the fire blankets we featured to give as gifts this Christmas. (Note that they are primarily for putting out fires.) Here are some more things Rosie and I are looking at on Amazon along with gift ideas!

A heated jacket that will be someone’s favorite gift

From CB: I have this heated jacket by Ororo, I bought it in November, 2021 and I love it! This link is to the women’s version and you can also get a men’s version. I wear this vest all the time in the winter and I even wear it around the house. It has three temperature settings and keeps me toasty without being too warm. I have it in black and it also comes in gray and white. This listing has almost 9,000 ratings, 4.6 stars and a B on Fakespot. Most people like it as much as I do. “I love this vest! I got this one for myself and the men’s one for my husband for us to wear while golfing in cold weather. The vest doesn’t affect range of motion and is so nice and cozy – especially appreciate the heating elements in the pockets for your hands. I wear this when I’m chilled even just around the house or out and about. It is a warm vest even without being turned on.”

An under $19 mixing bowl set would make a great gift

From CB: I got this set of Pyrex mixing bowls in early 2021 and I use them just about every day. They’re priced at under $19 and would be a great gift for a chef or baker in your life. They’re microwave and dishwasher safe and mine have not chipped at all. Plus they fit inside each other for easy storage. These have over 27,000 ratings, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. Most people like them as much as I do. “They’re very easy to wipe out, easy to clean, and simply elevate my kitchen experience. Wish I’d bought them years ago!” “These bowls are awesome, perfect size for mixing, easy to stack and store. Good value!” (Note that these do not come with lids, but you can get them separately.)

A fun party game you’ll want to play this season

From CB: Ransom notes is a word magnet prompt game that’s mostly for adults but can be adapted for kids. It has 4.4 stars, 4,600 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Most reviewers say it’s raucously fun. “My sister and I (both in our 50’s) gave this game a try. I was skeptical at first but after a few rounds we were hysterically laughing at our responses! The question cards were clever & funny as well and at some rounds we found ourselves laughing so hard.” “I was 10 minutes into playing this game at a friend’s house, and I was buying it on Amazon. What I love is that it’s works for any group. If you want to play it with kids, you can. Just be selective in what prompts you choose. If you want a more adult game, you can choose to play it that way. Super fun and different every time!”

A ventilated, cooling gel memory foam pillow

From Rosie: This memory foam pillow is designed to give users a cooler sleeping experience. It’s infused with temperature-regulating gel and ventilated to help dissipate body heat. It also has a removable polyester cover for easy washing. You can buy it in a standard, king, or queen size, as well as a one- or two-pack. It has a 4.4 star rating, more than 37,700 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. People rave about how supportive yet comfortable it is. “This is exactly the perfect pillow for us. It’s soft but firm that your head doesn’t touch the mattress but not high that you’re getting neck pain. We both suffer with neck, shoulder and back pain and so glad I took the plunge and bought them.” “This foam is squishy yet sturdy. It’s comfortable.” “If you’re like me and like a firm pillow where your head isn’t sinking in, look no further! This pillow cups my head perfectly and gives just the right amount of support!”

Exfoliating shower gloves for softer, healthier skin

From Rosie: These gloves can be used to exfoliate your skin while you’re cleaning your body to help give you softer, healthier skin and improve blood circulation. These gloves come in multiple colors and three exfoliation levels. You can get them in a one-, two-, three-, five-, or ten-pack. They have a 4.5 star rating, more than 23,000 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. Users love how effective they are. “I absolutely love this! It’s perfect for exfoliation! I put them on, put body wash in the palms and it’s ready to wash up and exfoliate at the same time.” “Such a game changer. These gloves are more effective than any brush, towel, loofah, or anything else you may use to exfoliate. I use them for a few days in a row then toss them in the wash. Super easy to use and clean, and leaves your skin fresh and soft.”

A shape-shifting cube that provides hours of brain-stimulating fun

From Rosie: Someone gave us one of these Shashibo shape-shifting boxes and I have to admit, they’re pretty awesome. You can twist it around to form 70 different shapes that are held together by magnets inside of the cube. (They give you a booklet with possible configurations.) No joke: Mr. Rosie, the kids, and I all play with it. It’s especially great as a fidget activity. There are 20 different pattern options. It has a 4.6 star rating, and more than 40,000 reviews on MetaReview. People who’ve bought them find them just as fun as my family does. “I bought [it] as a gift for my nephew who loves puzzles and origami. He was amazed by the different shapes and patterns he could create with this magnetic cube. The SHASHIBO box is a great toy for kids and adults alike, and it can also be used as a stress reliever or a decoration.” “This is a durable little cube, and addicting.” “Got this for my grandson and he loved it! It is nice to see something that is not electronic to pique their interest. It is nice that you can add on to them and make bigger things.”

A fashionable, long-sleeve holiday dress with pockets

From Rosie: I bought the “Red” version of this dress in 2020 and still get a lot of use out of it every holiday season. I’m always cold, so I like that it’s a long dress with long sleeves, but my favorite part is that it has pockets. My sister liked my dress so much in 2020 that she and my niece got matching ones in the “Red Plaid” pattern. There are 10 different colors and patterns to choose from. Some options are not offered as a part of Prime shipping, though. It has a 4.3 star rating and more than 5,600 reviews on Review Meta. Users love how stylish and comfortable it is. “True to size and extremely comfortable. The pockets are a good depth and don’t stretch the dress when things are in them.” “This dress is so pretty on. I love the pockets lol but who doesn’t. This dress was very flattering.”

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