Doctor who filmed trysts with six lovers faces end of his career

Sex addict GP, 40, who starred on C4’s First Dates faces end of his career after filming trysts with six lovers in his surgery and taking intimate photos of his genitals as patients waited outside

  • Dr Tom Plimmer was also found to have masturbated within the surgery 
  • He also appeared on Channel 4 show First Dates in 2018 

A Cambridge-educated doctor who used his surgery for illicit sex with a string of women is facing the end of his career after being found guilty of a slew of allegations brought by former lovers.

Although Dr Tom Plimmer, 40, admitted he’d ruined lives by ‘lying and cheating’ he fought to save his career at a hearing of the medical industry watchdog.

However he now faces being struck off for numerous sexual misdemeanours while he was at work at his medical practice in Swindon, Wilts.

After considering the evidence presented before it over two weeks in September, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel concluded Dr Plimmer was guilty of seven complaints he had denied.

The panel will meet again in April next year to consider what action should be taken, which will include the option of removing Dr Plimmer’s licence to practice.

Dr Tom Plimmer (pictured on Channel 4’s First Dates in 2018), had sex with at least six women at his practice

Dr Plimmer is accused of using his consulting rooms as a convenient meeting place for sexual liaisons with a number of women during working hours

The tribunal found he had sent an unsolicited sexual video to a vulnerable colleague he’d been in a relationship with.

He was also found to have been discovered in his office with his trousers undone and masturbating whilst on duty during work hours.

The panel also found he had put a colleague’s hand on his erect penis and as things turned sour between them he suggested she kill herself, saying: ‘On Futurama they have suicide booths. Maybe that’s what you need, you should go and do that.’

It was determined the doctor was fully aware that the woman, describe in the hearing only as Colleague A, was vulnerable.

During her allegations she claimed that some of the sexual acts carried out by the doctor on her were not consensual but those allegations were found not to be proven in the panel’s decision today.

Dr Plimmer admitted that he used the office at his surgery as a convenient spot for sexual encounters.

He agreed that on 3 January 2020 he engaged in oral sex with one of his girlfriends -Miss B – in his GP surgery during working hours and engaged in sexual intercourse with her and another, Miss D, at different times in May that year, also in his surgery.

In February 2021 he sent another woman – Miss E – an unsolicited photo of his oenis while he was at work in his surgery.

And on 7 March 2021 in a conversation with Miss D he threatened the life of another woman – Miss F – saying ‘if that c*** takes me to the GMC I’ll slit her throat. I know where she lives.’

Dr Plimmer told the tribunal panel that he was an untreated sex addict and it was that which had led to his behaviour.

At a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing in Manchester, Dr Plimmer apologised for his ‘behaviour’ towards his former lovers and patients

During her evidence Colleague A said: ‘I have not denied there was a sexually-based dynamic. What I have alleged is that there are other factors that led to me complying with this.’

She told how the GP used his position to coerce her into sexual acts and to send explicit photographs.

Colleague A told the tribunal: ‘I said no to touching and he did it, I said no to penetration and he did it, he put my hand on his erect penis.

‘The suggestion Dr Plimmer understands or considers consent? He had all the opportunities in the world for consensual things but all he really values is power.’

She added: ‘I was used as an object who kept a sex addict from being bored.’ 

The complainant had earlier told how Dr Plimmer had confided in her that he was a sex addict.

She told the hearing: ‘He would tell me about his untreated sex addiction. He would discuss sex addiction and his concerns around that, his family, his parenting. Those conversations happened.’

The tribunal cleared Dr Plimmer of a number of allegations, including abusing his senior position in his relationship with Colleague A, slamming a door on a colleague’s arm, threatening to disclose sensitive information and carrying out actions to exercise control over one of the complainants.

Giving evidence at an earlier hearing, Dr Plimmer told the medical tribunal that the way he had treated women had been ‘disgusting’.

‘I betrayed their trust, I disrespected them, I lied and cheated, and there’s no excuse,’ he told the hearing. ‘I feel immense shame for everything I did.’

Cross-examined by Mark Monaghan, counsel for the General Medical Council, Dr Plimmer admitted he was ‘guilty of creating a lot of the mess we’re here discussing’.

But he insisted he hadn’t ‘revelled’ in upsetting the women or tried to ‘manipulate’ them.

Denying using his girlfriends for sex, Dr Plimmer insisted he had been seeking ‘companionship’ – but admitted regularly cheating on them.

Asked by Mr Monaghan if it was ‘normal’ to be seeing three women at once, Dr Plimmer admitted it was ‘abnormal’.

‘It was shameful and regrettable, and it’s ended up causing a lot of hurt to a lot of people, and it’s all my fault,’ he said.

Dr Plimmer said the litany of deceit was a consequence of his self-confessed sex addiction, saying: ‘You will never see an active addict who isn’t also a liar.’

The tribunal – which was taking place through online sessions – previously heard that Dr Plimmer lied about family members including his mother being ill while attempting to ‘juggle’ his string of girlfriends.

He said: ‘I sincerely apologise to the people I’ve lied to, my mum, brother, friends, colleagues, and of course the inadvertent consequences it’s had towards patients and being able to care for them.’

Giving evidence at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing in Manchester he had apologised to his former lovers and patients for his ‘disgusting’ behaviour.

Dr Plimmer, who attended the hearing via video-link, was found guilty of a series of allegations in respect of his colleague including walking around with his trousers undone, sending unsolicited videos, putting her hand on his erect penis.

A further charge against him of masturbating in the surgery was also found against him.

Allegations of kissing, touching, taking his penis out and penetration were found not proved.

Panel chair Claire Lindley said: ‘It is a complicated outcome’.

The colleague had told the hearing she began a ‘jovial’ friendship with Dr Plimmer with playful ‘innuendo’ about a chocolate rabbit.

But from March 2018 he confided in her about his sex addiction and shared around 5,000 phone messages with her.

On his First Dates appearance the doctor confesses that he’s unfaithful during his date

Dr Plimmer also admitted to sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals taken at work to another woman 

One message said: ‘Can I tell you a secret? You’re my favourite.’

Dr Plimmer showed her 197 photos and videos of himself having sex with other women, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal heard.

On one occasion, in January 2019 he led her to his consulting room before placing her hand on his genitals.

Dr Plimmer later sent her photos of his head in a noose with messages saying he ‘couldn’t carry on’.

Between May 2018 and September 2019, he would approach her during lunch breaks and stood in the doorway, making it difficult to leave.

He would also enter the room with his trousers undone.

In September 2019, he was said to have threatened to tell her husband of their affair.

He suggested she kill herself by saying: ‘On Futurama they have suicide booths. Maybe that’s what you need, you should go and do that.’

Dr Plimmer agreed he sent the woman explicit videos and engaging in sexual behaviour, but claimed it was ‘always consensual’.

He had faced 16 allegations relating to the colleague including trying to to kiss her without consent, approaching her with his trousers undone and showed her a video of him having sex with another woman, while at work.

He denied two allegations he penetrated the same colleague without consent, that he took his genitals out in front of her, that he slammed a door and hit her arm and threatened to disclose information to her husband.

Those charges were found not proved.

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