If you can spot the hidden hamper among the Christmas gifts in under 30 seconds then you have '20/20 vision' | The Sun

A MESMERIZING optical illusion has left people on the internet scratching their heads as many cannot solve it.

Can you spot the hamper among the wrapped Christmas gifts?

British retailer M&S designed the mind-boggling brainteaser to get puzzlers in the holiday spirit. 

Many people are excitedly playing festive hits as they wrap gifts and put them under the tree with less than a week to go.

Spotting the hamper hidden among the presents in the fiendishly tricky seek-and-find puzzle can be difficult.

You may be a genius if you can beat the 30-second record.

Don’t forget to set a timer and block out all distractions before starting your search for the hamper. 

Even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers have confessed they were unable to spot the hamper despite thinking strategically. 

The gifts are all different shapes and sizes, and the creators also used colors to deceive the mind. 

Research reveals that almost two in five of us find wrapping Christmas gifts tricky, with wine bottles, kitchenware, and flowers or plants listed as the top three most difficult to wrap presents.

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Do you think you have what it takes to spot the Christmas hamper among the gifts in the quickest time yet?

Here’s a hint: The hamper is a rectangular shape

Do you think you’ve finally found it?

If you’re struggling, focus your attention to the right of the puzzle and check out the reveal below. 

Online entertainment website Betway has also designed a festive brainteaser to keep idle minds busy.

Many people are watching the sky in the hopes of snow for a traditional white Christmas.

Can you spot the matching snowflakes in the winter scene?

If you can spot two identical snowflakes in less than 30 seconds, you may have 20/20 vision.

The snowflakes have been intricately illustrated so it’s easy to forget that you’re up against the clock when looking at the beautiful designs.

Some details may seem insignificant but try not to overlook any clues.

Everyone can spot the first snowflake in the illusion, but do you think you’ve finally found a matching set?

If you’re struggling try to take a closer look at the second and last row of snowflakes in the mind-bender.

Scroll down to the solution below to check if you guessed correctly.

If those two challenges were too easy, try to solve an even more difficult brainteaser that has stumped many.

Gergely Dudás, who is best known as Dudolf, has gained a legion of fans with the quirky artwork posted on his popular blog and Facebook.

He tasked puzzlers with spotting the four stars hidden in the snow globes.

Only the cleverest minds have been able to spot all four of the stars without looking at the solutions. 

Many people have confessed they were distracted by the snowglobes containing hearts and random seasonal characters.

One Facebook user said: “The details in this are amazing. I was so busy looking at the globes that I forgot to look for the stars! Thank you, Gergely!”

Another wrote: “Bit tricky there! Got them all but it took a bit.”

A third quipped: “This one's a bit cheeky, isn't it?”

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Do you think you’ve found all four stars?

Scroll down to the solution below to find out where all four stars are hiding.

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