Mum fumes as neighbours refuse to move trampoline – ‘can no longer eat outside’

An angry woman took to the parenting forum Mumsnet to share her frustration over her “annoying neighbours” after they “declined to reposition their trampoline”.

The mother of two, with username @‌Jynxed, shared her story and asked other users if she should confront the neighbours again and ask them to move their trampoline as her “well-being and happiness are being severely impacted”.

She claimed that the neighbours’ noisy children “scream, argue, shout and kick footballs at the fence all day long”. She added: “They only have one volume and it’s loud.”

They recently got an enormous trampoline and placed it right up against her fence and next to their back door and patio table.

The woman continued: “When the kids use the trampoline they stand higher than the fence and stare straight into our kitchen window, and they used to call out to us all the time until we asked them to stop.”

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According to the Mumsnet user, the noise and shouting make the patio “unusable”, and she and her family can no longer eat or read at the table because of the noise.

She reportedly asked the neighbours to move the trampoline, and even “brought them round to show them how much it overshadowed our patio and removed all privacy”.

However, they declined to reposition it saying that there was nowhere else in their 80ft garden they could put it.

The woman clarified she has two kids and understands that children need to play. However hers “were brought up not to scream and shout”, and she “would not have dreamt of refusing a reasonable request from neighbours such as this”.

Hundreds of mums took to the comments section to share their thoughts with many suggesting alternative solutions such as “building a fence on your side that’s higher”.

Others recommended getting big trellis bushes and planting them alongside the patio so it’s higher and covers the fence.

User @‌dizzygirl1 explained that she has the same issue. “I’m exactly the same. My neighbours children are loud… so much so that I can’t spend a lot of time outside and even the kids avoid being out there.

“I can understand them throwing the kids outside all day every day, it’s loud outside and horrendous so what it must be like in an enclosed space… But I think they are beyond selfish really.”

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