I’m so pretty I don’t have to pay for anything – even if I go to TGI Friday’s in a tracksuit men beg to buy my dinner | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared that she doesn't have to pay for anything when she goes out and gets random men to pay for her dinner because of her 'pretty privilege'.

Saffron Marie shared her hack for getting strangers to buy things for her via a video posted to her TikTok channel, where she often posts videos of her visiting her boyfriend in prison.

The caption to @saffronmariexx's video reads: "Everyone has pretty privilege, it's an attitude more than anything else."

Opening the video, Saffron said: "Pretty privilege, so you don't pay for anything in your life."

She then shared a clip of herself heading to the Westfield shopping centre in her Juicy Couture tracksuit and explained that she doesn't have to be dressed up fancy to have her dinner paid for.

Saffron chose to demonstrate her skills in TGI Friday's, where she met up with a friend for dinner.

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She said: "This is not me trying to finesse or scam or none of that. This is just me trying to show you can get your bill paid for, even if you're in a casual fit".

Once Saffron and her friend had arrived at TGI's they ordered cocktails and food, with Saffron explaining to her friend that she should order whatever she likes as they won't be paying.

She chose the "victim" she decided would be paying for their bill and "enticed" him by making eye contact, winking and loudly talking about how men should pay the bills.

Saffron said that after doing these simple tricks, the waiter passed her a napkin from the man that had a note on it which said: "Bill is paid for. Come say hi".

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She then said: "You can go and say hello, or you can just ignore them".

TikTok users raced to the video's comments section to share their thoughts on Saffron's hack, with many criticising her for not spending her own money.

One user said: "I'd be more impressed if you made you're own money and was flexing rather than begging".

Another user added: "This ain’t pretty privilege, this is staring at desperate 30 year olds with too much money who think a young girl fancies them."

However, other people praised Saffron, with one user stating: "I’m howling this is so iconic."

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