Adidas x South Park Towelie trainers – here's when they go on sale

ADIDAS and South Park have partnered together for the launch of a very special pair of trainers. To celebrate the unofficial holiday of 4/20, they've designed a pair of kicks inspired by legendary character Towelie. Fans of the show will be aware with Towelie's antics, and is well known for consistently getting high throughout the series, making him the perfect […]

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From Titanic to Ammonite we reveal Kate Winslet's steamiest movie moments of all time as she tells all about sex scenes with her schoolgirl crush

SHE’S the Oscar-winning British actress known for her elegance and poise on screen.  Kate Winslet, 45, has starred in a range of gripping Hollywood dramas – from Titanic to new movie Ammonite. But the mum-of-three has also appeared in a surprising number of raunchy sex scenes during her stellar Hollywood career. This week she revealed all about her latest steamy […]

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The 7 Best Watering Cans

Whether you’re tending to a vegetable patch or an indoor succulent garden, the best watering cans will come in the spout style you need to give your plants the right amount of moisture. You’ll also want to consider the can material. Plastic Vs. Metal Watering Cans Metal watering cans: They boast a more decorative, vintage-inspired aesthetic, but they will be […]

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