The Big Tuna Sandwich Mystery

Canned tuna is high in protein, low in fat and by far the most popular shelf-stable seafood in the United States. It can also be mysterious, questionable and scandalous. As The Washington Post reported in late January, Subway — the world’s largest sandwich chain — is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in the state of California that claims its tuna […]

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Tying the Knot Five Years and 175 Dining Experiences Later

At the inception of Gregory Swistel’s abbreviated career as a bartender in New Orleans, in May 2016, Molly Franichevich strolled into his bar. She ordered a lemon drop, a concoction of vodka and lemon juice, essentially. It was the very first cocktail he had put together. A week later, she went back to that same bar, and this time he […]

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Virgil Abloh Has a Feeling for Eco Felt at Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh took inspiration from humble moving blankets and translated that idea into some of the most unexpected — and eco-friendly — luxury leather goods of the fall season. The new Felt Line, which was teased in the film for Louis Vuitton’s men’s collection in January, consists of three bags that bring to mind Joseph Beuys sculptures, but with the […]

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