I’m a blonde female truck driver – people say the same thing to me all the time, but what do they expect me to look like | The Sun

MANY people dream about life on the open road, especially if you are stuck in an office all day.

For one twentysomething though, she spends every day living in the fast lane as a heavy goods van driver.

With her long blonde hair and eyelash extensions, Chloe Dale isn’t your typical trucker but she is more than happy to challenge the stereotype.

In fact, the influencer regularly pokes fun at her male dominated industry and shares snippets of her unusual career with her 15,000 followers on Tiktok.

Better known as @trucker_snail on the app, she even shared how she decorated her cabin in soft pink bedding, fairy lights and even Piglet scatter cushion.

Christmas is also the perfect excuse to make it even more cosy, with the Tiktoker decking out her home from home with garlands and a mini pine tree.

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However, the lorry driver isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty either.

During her recent videos, she show how she uncouples articulates and navigates flash floods with ease – all whilst having tones of goods in tow.

Though she has gained a Class 1 licence just to pursue her dream job, the twentysomething still faces plenty of sexism on social media.

Shockingly, the lorry driver has even told that women ‘shouldn’t’ drive trucks – despite her videos regularly getting over 20,000 views and receiving endless compliments in the comments.  

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Thankfully, Chloe has a fantastic response for anyone who thinks she might prefer a more 'lady like' career.

In a recent video on Tiktok, the content creator revealed that she often gets told she ‘doesn’t look like a truck driver’.

Adding a cushion for a fake beer belly and beard filter for the next shot, she playfully looked at the camera as she poked fun at the sexist stereotype.

Unsurprisingly, her video has gone viral and quickly gained over 370,000 views on the app.

As she rapidly racked up likes, other women also shared their experiences of working in the male dominated world of trucking.

“I passed mine [HGV training] in May and I love it,” commented one user, adding: “I relate to this.”

Another pointedly wrote: “This is too accurate.”

“Same but substitute mechanic for truck driver” :replied a third.

Sadly, women weren’t the only ones who received hurtful comments about their appearance on the road.

“I'm 34 but look young and it freaks people out when they see me driving,” admitted a fourth.

 “I used to get ‘you’re too young to be a lorry driver’ all the time and it annoyed me,” revealed another trucker, joking: “Until everyone stopped saying it.”

To which Chloe replied: “I always get asked my age.”

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Despite this, the lorry driver hasn’t been put off taking the road less travelled and has continued to gain a huge following thanks to her unusual career.

We can’t wait to join Chloe on the road again soon!

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